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The Evil Within 2 – How to Find the Sniper Rifle

by Josh Hawkins

The Evil Within 2 has a lot of hidden secrets and items for players to find, and if you want to do the best you can, and survive Sebastian’s latest Stem-fueled nightmare, then you’re going to need to get the best weapons in the game. One of the best weapons you can get your hands on is the Sniper Rifle, however, it normally isn’t going to be available to you until later on, in Chapter 11 or so. In this article we’ll show you how to get the Sniper Rifle early on in Evil Within 2, as well as how to repair it so you can start making use of it.

How to Get the Sniper Rifle

You can find and obtain the Sniper Rifle as early as Chapter 3, however it will require you to take some risks, and you will need to go exploring. You can grab it at the start of the chapter, and to get it, you’ll need to leave the safe house and stay low as you make your way through the residential area of town. Keep an eye out for an alleyway between the Visitor Center and the Jason Franklin Restaurant. Once you find the alley, duck inside, and look out for a ladder that you can use to climb up to the roof.

Climb all the way up the ladder to the roof and then take out the enemy on top (you can shoot it if you feel the need to). Once the enemy is dead, grab the Broken Sniper Rifle off the ground, and make sure you also grab the Sniper Rifle Ammo as well. You’ll need them both.

How to Fix the Broken Sniper Rifle

To fix the Broken Sniper Rifle, you’re going to want to search the communicator of the Fallen Mobius Operative next to where you found the Broken Sniper Rifle. This will give you a clue to find some Sniper Rifle Parts, which have been stored in a shed across from Union Auto Repair. This should now be marked on your map, so it’s time to head over that way.

There are quite a few enemies between yourself and the Sniper Rifle Parts, so make sure you take it slow and be careful along the way. You don’t want to end up in too many situations where you can’t afford to take out the enemies, so just be patient, stay hidden, and don’t be afraid to wait enemies out as you make your way around.

When you arrive at the shed, take note of the Lost enemy and another large enemy nearby. This is a Lament. They are bad news, and early in the game, you’ll want to ignore them as much as possible. You’ll need to melee the shed open, and then sneak inside to kill the Lost enemy that’s banging on the door.

With the enemy inside taken care of, grab the Sniper Rifle Parts along with the additional Sniper Rifle Ammo, and then open the nearby Workbench and fix up the Sniper Rifle to get it set and ready to go. You should now know everything you need to know to find and repair the Sniper Rifle in The Evil Within 2. We also have an in-depth guide on how to get the shotgun in The Evil Within 2, so check that out for more help acquiring stronger weapons in the game. Be sure to head back over to our The Evil Within 2 guide for even more helpful articles.

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