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The Evil Within 2 – How to Beat Stefano

by Josh Hawkins

Stefano is a pretty early boss that you’ll have to face off against in The Evil Within 2, and he can be a bit tough to defeat, especially if you’ve focused on stealth more than anything in your save file. Defeating him can become much easier, though, if you know how to prepare, and today we’ll show you how to defeat Stefano easily in Evil Within 2, which will make this boss fight much more bearable.

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How to Defeat Stefano

The fight against Stefano can be extremely tough if you’ve focused on stealth over combat, and you’ll need to deal with several different attack types during this fight. Not only will you have to deal with Stefano’s signature teleportation attacks, but you’ll also need to deal with knife slashes and explosive boxes, which Stefano will conjure around the battlefield.

The trick to beating Stefano is to focus your attacks on setting traps and then dealing as much damage as possible to Stefano while he is incapacitated. We’d personally recommend the shotgun and the crossbow, because the shotgun deals an insane amount of damage to the boss, and the crossbow lets you set up traps around the map.

In order to be successful during this battle, make sure you’re letting Stefano come to you. Let him attack first, as this will increase your chances of being able to evade the attacks. By doing this you can learn his movements, attacks, and even adapt to set up traps that will work against him.

Start the fight off by setting up a couple of traps with your Warden Crossbow and Shock Bolts. This will be great for stunning Stefano, and you’ll be clear to attack him a bit, allowing you to score some damage on him quite easily early on. Once you’ve done this, wait for Stefano to come to you, and when he does, shoot him with your shotgun when he is stunned from the traps. From here, run to the other side of the arena and do the same thing.

This will force Stefano to continue coming to you, and therefore step into your traps, which will stun him and allow you to deal more damage to him. That’s the simple way to kill the boss, and you’ll want to rinse and repeat until you manage to take him down.

There are also a few things to avoid when dealing with Stefano. First, don’t shoot when he’s far away. He’ll simply teleport away, causing you to waste ammunition. You should also avoid an partial walls, as they won’t fully provide cover for you. Try not to charge Stefano when he teleports, either, as it can spook him, and cause him to teleport away and throw his knife at you.

Defeating Stefano isn’t that tough of a task when you know how to pull it off. Keep the information we’ve provided above in mind, and then head back over to our The Evil Within 2 guide for even more help.

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