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The Evil Within 2 – All Slide Locations

by Prima Games Staff

The Evil Within 2 has a lot of mystery and secrets hidden within it for fans to find and look into. A lot of these secrets come in the form of different collectible items. One of these items, Slides, can be found throughout the various levels of the game, and in this article we’ll go over how you can find the location of every single Evil Within 2 Slide hidden throughout the game.

The Evil Within 2 – All Slide Locations

Each chapter of the game has a different amount of Slides hidden throughout, and we’ll be breaking them down in order of how you will find them as you explore the world of The Evil Within 2. We’ve already begun our hunt for the collectibles in The Evil Within 2, and you can find out more about them by checking out our guide on how to find all the Files in The Evil Within 2.


Slide 1: “Happier Times”

There’s only one Slide for players to find in Chapter 2, and they can find it just after they exit Sebastian’s office. Look out for the black cat with the bow around its neck. The first Slide of the game will be found just bin front of it.


Slide 2: “Beacon Hospital”

This second slide can be found in Chapter 3, in the house at 345 Cedar Avenue. After you experience the vision in the bathroom, you’ll have a flashback to Beacon Mental Hospital (the location from the first game). Follow the corridor until you come to a wheelchair, and grab the Slide from the wheelchair.

Slide 3: “Fire Article”

You can find the third slide in 336 Cedar Avenue. After you escape from the ward, you’ll return to the bedroom in the house at 336 Cedar Avenue. Look for this Slide on the table in the bedroom, it’s in the same area you would have found the Woman’s Journal if you are following our guide on how to find all the Files in The Evil Within 2.


Slide 4: “Sebastian and Myra”

The fourth Slide won’t be found until much later, in Chapter 6 of the game. After you leave City Hall and move through The Marrow, you’ll pass through a section of the area that is covered in all kinds of white goo. You’ll view a projection of Sebastian and Myra (his wife) on a projector. After the projection ends, pick up the Slide to add it to your collection.


Slide 5: “Sebastian in Despair”

You’ll find this fifth Slide in Chapter 7, while exploring the Union Business District. After viewing the Residual Memory in Juke Diner’s kitchen, you’ll have to escape a triggered event. Escaping the event will send you back to the kitchen, where you’ll find this Slide in the hand of a dead man in the chair in the kitchen.


Slide 6: “Sebastian and Kidman”

The next Slide isn’t found until Chapter 11, when you’re back in Sebastian’s Room at after you interact with the Mirror after you get to Torres’ Safe House. Look for the Slide on the shelf under the bulletin board where the Mobius Agents’ photos can be found.

Slide 7: “Mobius Tag”

The seventh Slide in the game can be found in The Marrow, near Exit 72. After you leave Torres’ Safe House in the Nature Preserve back to the Marrow, move through the door marked CE-C03—it has a fuse box puzzle you’ll need to solve to pass through—and then step through the doorway and turn left to find a candlelit altar. You’ll find the this Slide on the altar, pick it up to collect it.

Slide 8: “Reality After Stem?”

Players can find the eight Slide in the Restricted Labs inside The Marrow. Use the computer in the office next to the disposal pit to trigger an encounter. One you escape that encounter, you’ll be back in the office, and a new Slide will be sitting on the desk. Grab it to add it to your collection.


Slide 9: “Lily at Home”

This ninth Slide can be found in Chapter 12, inside of Lily’s Room in the Castellanos House. After you destroy the O’Neal’s machine, head across Theodore’s domain and you’ll find yourself back inside of Sebastian’s house. Head up to Lily’s bedroom and grab this Slide off the shelf inside.


Slide 10: “Too Much Power”

You can find the tenth Slide in the Experimental Wing Test Labs in The Marrow. While completing the third side mission for Julian Sykes, The Last Step, be sure to pick this Slide up off the table next to the Stem Escape Pod in the pod room inside the Test Lab.

Sldie 11: “Last One”

The final Slide in the game can only be obtained after you have collected the other ten slides. Once you’ve done so, and spoken with Kidman while viewing them, the black cat with the bow around its neck will be waiting in the office. Interact with it to be led into an event that will give you the final Slide. Grab it to add it to your collection.

That’s all of the Slides that you can find in The Evil Within 2. We’d highly suggest finding all of them, as it definitely allows you to dig deeper into the story within the game. For more helpful articles like this, be sure to head back over to our The Evil Within 2 guide, where you’ll find constant updates to our main hub.


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