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The Evil Within 2 – All Residual Memory Locations

by Josh Hawkins

The Evil Within 2 has a lot of collectible items for players to find within the game’s dark and creepy world, and one of those collectibles can be used to further the player’s understanding of the story that originally brought them into the Stem world of Union City. These items, which are called Residual Memories, allow Sebastian to witness memories of Mobius operatives who were sent into the Stem to save the Core—which also happens to be Sebastian’s daughter, Lilly. In this article we’ll show you how to find all the Residual Memories in Evil Within 2, that way you can experience the full story of the game and all the depth that it holds.

All Residual Memory Locations

In order to make this guide easier to follow, we’ve broken each memory down based on the chapter in which it appears. Now, it should be noted that some chapters do not include any Residual Memories, and thus will not be listed in this guide.


Hayes and Turner Hatch Their Plan

This first Residual Memory can be found behind the dumpster dock at Krimson’s Supermarket. Look for the glowing shadows and then activate your communicator to find it.

Hayes and Turner Split Up

The next Residual Memory can be found in 322 Cedar Avenue, where you can also visit The Marrow: The Armory. Head to the back room of the house and look for the memory in the closet.

Turner Loses Contact

Head to the repair shop in Union and look for this memory near the fuse box. It will also show you how to turn on the power, and alert you of a nearby Mobius supply cache.

Fatal Witness

After listening to Turner Loses Contact, activate the power at the fuse box, and then head outside and lift the car off of the ground using the lift. This will reveal a trapdoor that you can head down into. Drop down, and move forward until you find this Residual Memory at the dead body.

Train to Nowhere

Look out for the derailed train at the far western edge of the Union “island”. Then head inside until you spot a woman’s body, where you’ll find this Residual Memory, just waiting to be unlocked.

Turner Meets His Gruesome End

This Residual Memory is found in the basement of the Union Visitor Center as you follow through the Rogue Signal side mission. Once in the basement, move forward until you can activate the scene and watch the memory play out.


Batten Down the Hatches

This Residual Memory can be found in the North Safe House in the Union Residential District. Look for the memory inside the garage of the Union Power and Gas building. You’ll need to use your crossbow to fire a Shock Bolt into the lock panel next to the garage door to gain entry.

Trapped in the Marrow

The last Residual Memory in this chapter is found in the Central Access Tunnels of The Marrow. After you make your way through the tunnels with the gas leak, move up the stairs and follow the catwalk to a rusted-up door. Head through the nearby vent to find a Mobius soldier, and then tune into the memory to experience it and collect it for your records.


Before the Collapse

Look out for the gazebo near City Hall to find this Residual Memory just waiting to be collected.


Waiting for Stevens

Make your way to Post Plus (the Safe House in the Union Business District) and then tune into this memory near the fallen Mobius operative in the outer room of the building.


Parts and Pieces

This Residual Memory can be found in the Credit Union parking lot, within the Union Business District. Look for a burning pile of corpses in the parking lot, and then tune into the memory to collect it.

After Life

Make your way into the Juke Diner kitchen, near the man in the chair, and then play the memory. As an added bonus, make sure to check out the jukebox afterwards.

Failed Rescue

This Residual Memory can be found inside of a back alley in the Union Business District. Look out for an APC, and then head behind it to find a fallen Mobius operative. Tune into this memory near to the corpse, and you’ll be able to see what happened to her. Make sure you grab the Storage Room Key off her body while you’re at it.


Stefano’s Affirmation

While in the Grand Theater, make your way to the second story and you will find a large piece of artwork on the back wall of the area. Tune into the memory in front of it to grab this collectible.


The Tortured

This Residual Memory can be found near the Cellblock Exit in Theodore’s Domain. After you find the crank handle, and have raised up the gate, enter the second cell off to your right to find a tunnel that leads to the next cell over. Here you’ll find this memory, which can be played using your Communicator.


Hoffman Gets a Strange Call

After you make your way to Hoffman’s Safe House in The Marrow, look out for a Resonance Point shadow in the room from Torres’ Safe House to the Nature Preserve. Tune into the memory to find out that Hoffman received a phone call from O’Neal to meet him in a strange place.

Hoffman Has Clearance

Make your way through The Marrow to the Restricted Labs Security Gate. When you arrive, you should be able to move through the first lab of specimens into the second lab, where there are tons of autopsy tables in the next room, so move past them and approach the security gate ahead. Here you should automatically see a memory of Hoffman being cleared by the security scanner.

All is Lost

This Residual Memory can be found on the second floor of the lab complex, inside of Lab 2. Tune into the memory at the workstation in the center of the room to grab this collectible and add it to your collection.

His Master’s Voice

You won’t be able to access this memory until after you fight and defeat O’Neal. Once O’Neal is dealt with, head to Lab 4, which is behind the security gate that requires a Unity Cerebral Chip to unlock. Once the gate is open, head into the lab and play the memory.


Evil Alliance

This memory can be found on the top floor of Theodore’s Stronghold. Ride the elevator up to the third floor, where you’ll find a pit that is filled with blood. Climb down the nearby ladder into the pit of blood, and tune into the memory Resonance in the middle of the area.


Saving Lily

You’ll trigger this Residual Memory automatically when approaching the tall banner on the left slide of the slope in Limbo.

Last Goodbyes

Approach the pillar and statute in the middle of the slope to automatically trigger this memory and add it to your collection.

Myra Betrayed

You will trigger this memory while in Limbo. Approach the ruined building on the right-hand side of the slope, and the memory will automatically play.

Freeing the Core

This final Residual Memory can be triggered automatically in Limbo, when approaching the single tree up the slope from Sebastian’s Room. Approach the tree to have the memory start playing on its own.

That concludes this in-depth guide to all the Residual Memories in The Evil Within 2. You should now know everything you need to know to find all of the Residual Memories in the game, and unlock all the in-depth story information available.

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