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The Evil Within 2 – All Mysterious Object Locations, Easter Eggs

by Josh Hawkins

Like any good game that’s riddled with places to explore, The Evil Within 2 has something for fans of other popular titles currently available on the market, and it should come as no surprise that fans of the series can find Easter eggs from other popular Bethesda titles like Fallout, Dishonored, and even Doom. In this article we’ll talk about the various Mysterious Objects that you can find in The Evil Within 2, and go over a brief bit of information about how you can find these items in the game.

All Mysterious Object Locations

There are a total of eight Mysterious Objects that can be discovered in The Evil Within 2. These items don’t unlock any kind of prize or anything, but they are pretty cool to find, and if you like uncovering all of the secrets in a game, then you won’t want to miss these.

Mysterious Mask

This Mysterious Object looks a lot like the mask from the Dishonored series, and it can be found in Chapter 3, by looking in the derailed train cars along the western part of the Residential area.

Mysterious Weapon Replica

The next Mysterious Object can be found on the eastern edge of the Union Residential District. Look for a house with several boards across the top, and then climb a nearby ladder to gain access to the roof and find this item.

Mysterious Machine

In Chapter 3, look out for the Tredwell Trucking warehouse, and then check the back area to find this Mysterious Object waiting to be discovered inside a truck.

Mysterious Bobblehead

This next Mysterious Object can be found after you get past the Watcher for the first time. After you escape its grasp, and it disappears, head back into that room and look out for this Mysterious Bobblehead tucked behind a gap between the crates.

Mysterious Action Figure

Look out for a big blue waste bin on the southern end of the Union Business District. Check inside the bin to find this Mysterious Object.

Mysterious Symbol

After you wake up in Sebastian’s house in Chapter 12, head upstairs and check out the office on the right. You’ll find this Elder Scrolls-inspired Mysterious Object inside on the shelf.

Mysterious Mug

Look for this Mysterious Object behind the desk in the lobby of the Sanctuary Hotel after you meet with Hoffman.

Mysterious Toy

This Mysterious Object can be found on a shelf inside Sebastian’s house in Chapter 17. Head into the living room and check for the Mysterious Object on the bottom shelf.

That’s all of the Mysterious Objects that you can find in The Evil Within 2. Be sure to head back over to our The Evil Within 2 guide for more in-depth articles like how to get a shotgun and how to get a sniper rifle.

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