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The Evil Within 2 – All Locker Key Statues

by Josh Hawkins

Locker Keys are important items in The Evil Within 2 because they allow players to open up lockers in Nurse Tatiana’s safehouse, which gives players access to ammunition, Green Gel, and other really useful and important items. There are several Locker Keys hidden in statues throughout the game, and we’ll show you how to find every hidden statue so that you can get all the Locker Keys in Evil Within 2.

All Locker Key Statues

There are several Locker Key statues hidden throughout The Evil Within 2, and we’ll be breaking them down based on their location in the game. There are no Locker Key statues to be found in Chapters 1 or 2.

Chapter 3 Statues

The first statue that you can locate is found near O’Neal’s Safehouse, in the southern portion of Union City. Look for a white van on the side of the road, and then take note of a bench under the nearby lamp post.

The second Locker Key Statue can be found on the front porch of a house across the street from the giant red wrench in the northwestern portion of the Union City residential area.

A third Locker Key can be recovered from a statue which is hidden inside of the church. Head inside and look next to the pedestal on the stage, near the organ. You’ll have to fight the priest and two of his buddies to clear the area around it, but once you do, look carefully, as it may be hard to see in the dark.

This next Locker Key can be found up north, toward the main objective of the chapter. Look out for a pit stop near the intersection and then head towards the house where the main objective is. You’ll find this Locker Key inside a statue on a beam next to the station’s sign.

To find this Locker Key, head towards the train graveyard and look out for a white van, toppled over on its side. Look around near the roof of the van, and you should spot this statue on the ground.

Once you enter The Marrow, make your way forward until you reach the Armory. In here, you’ll need to complete your objective inside, and then make your way out of the Armory, back towards the exit. A Lost enemy will be nearby. Take it out, and then grab this statue from the elevator nearby.

The next Locker Key can be found at the back of the gas station on the northern corner of the map. Check behind the station to find this statue, and then grab it to get the Locker Key.


To find the next Locker Key, head to the gas area in Chapter 4 and look for the statue on top of a yellow barrel in the middle hallway as you search for exit B2.

Another Locker Key can be nabbed from the Safe Room that you find yourself in when you escape the tunnels. Grab it before you continue.


After you beat the boss in the Mayor’s office, be sure to check the Mail Room out to a door that leads to a room where you will find this statue inside. Pick it up to grab the Locker Key that it holds.


Once you return to the Marrows, a new passage will have opened, and you’ll pass through a chain fenced area. From here, turn to the right and look at the end of the pipes to find this statue waiting to be collected.

You’ll also want to revisit Sebastian’s Room and make sure to take part in the Shooting Gallery that has opened up now, as you can earn two Locker Keys from here as a prize.


Continue on through Chapter 7 until you reach the bank. Once at the bank, look for the statue to the left of the front door, proudly displayed atop a fountain-like structure.

While searching for Stefano’s works of art in Chapter 7, be sure to check out the building with the green marker on your map. Head to the building and then check behind a metal sheet to find this statue.

You can also check outside the diner in Chapter 7 to find this statue near the sign. Grab it to pick up the Locker Key.

Explore the buildings to the southwest of the diner and look for an alleyway between two of the buildings. Head down the alley and clear out the enemies in your way to find this statue resting on a vent.

The next statue can be found after you unlock the theater. From there, head up the road and look for this statue on the ground next to the road.


You’ll find this statue just before you fight Stefano. When you’re hiding from his eye, check behind the walls to find this statue.


The next statue can be found in the prison. Once you get to the door that you have to open with the crank, head to your left. Follow the path around you until you hit a corridor with three cells. Check in the middle cell to find the statue.


During Chapter 9, while working on the disc puzzle, look at the four control wheels and look directly across to the statues on either side of the doors that open. The statue that you want will be in the left hand of the statue’s hands. Grab it to add the key to your collection.

We’ll continue to update this article with even more locations where fans can find Locker Key statues around the game world. Be sure to check back often to make sure you have the most up to date information on how to find all of the Locker Key statues, and head back over to our The Evil Within 2 guide for more helpful articles like how to get the Sniper Rifle.

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