Evil Within 2 – All File Locations

Learn how to find all of the file collectibles hidden throughout The Evil Within 2.

The Evil Within is more than just jump scares, and as players make their way through the story, they’ll find plenty of collectible items and creepy areas just waiting to be explored. One of these collectibles, Files, can be found quite often throughout the various chapters of the game, and today we’ll show you how to start finding all Evil Within 2 file locations, that way you can collect all of the background information about the game’s story.

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We’ll be updating this article consistently over the coming days, so be sure to check back often for the most up-to-date-information available about all the file locations in The Evil Within 2.

All File Locations

Files can be made up of quite a few different types of items. Some files will be photographs, while others will be letters, or even journals. No matter what type of file they are, though, you’ll be able to spot them in the game-world, and interact with them to pick them up and add them to your collection.


Photo of William Baker

Players can find this photograph of Team Leader Barker on the edge of the sink in the dark room in Stefano’s Domain.

Extravagant Letter

This file can be found after you crouch and move underneath a half-raised gate in Stefano’s Domain. Look out for the letter on the front corner of a table off to the side. To easily find it, look for the word “GRAND” on the marquee outside the window of the building.

Photo of Another Victim

You’ll be able to find this file after you escape the entity on the third floor of Stefano’s Domain. After finding the stabbing victim, head through the door nearby and make your way down a very long hallway to a staircase landing. Now, turn to the right and head down a short hall to spot a body being dragged off into Room 103. Head into the room and jump over the furniture to reach a corner. Turn the corner, then pick up this photo on the table off to the side.

Journal in Abandoned House

Players can find this collectible file while exploring the abandoned house. Head into the bedroom and search the drawers of the nearby credenza to find it.

Photo of Castellano’s Family

You’ll automatically receive this photo at the beginning of the game, however it doesn’t actually count towards your files until after you reach the end of Chapter 2. At this point Sebastian will automatically pull the photograph out and inspect it. This happens after you exit the house where you escape the female chainsaw-wielding monster.


Welcome to Union Pamphlet

This collectible item can be found inside the Union Visitor Center. Look out for the counter inside the visitor center and you should spot the item waiting to be picked up off the counter.

Mobius Communicator Log: Replacement Parts

This collectible recording can be found in two different places. The first place is the roof of the Jason Franklin Restaurant in Union. Head to the roof and look for the recording on the body of a Mobious agent nearby.

You can also find this collectible item on the body of a Mobius operative inside the supply shed in the northwestern area of the map. Once you pick it up in either of these places, it will no longer be available in the other location.

Report #00592: Disposal Request

Players can find this collectible file at the Mitchel and Sons Construction area. Head down into the basement through the underground area in the Union Auto Repair garage. From here, follow the hallway to the doors at the end and head inside to find this report in the room with the ladder.

Turner’s Communicator Log

Make your way to the Union Visitor Center basement to find this collectible item. In order to unlock the basement, you’ll need to track the Mobius Resonances for the Rogue Signal side mission. Once the door to the basement unlocks, head inside and view the Residual Memory inside. After you’ve done that, inspect the desk nearby to find this file waiting to be picked up.

Woman’s Journal

You’ll find this collectible item inside of the bedroom at 336 Cedar Avenue. This journal will be sitting on the big round table inside.

KCPD Request for Psychological Examination

Head inside the garage at 345 Cedar Avenue to find this manila folder inside. Pick it up off of the gurney to discover a letter inside.

Torn Psychological Evaluation Report (Top)

You can find this collectible in the bedroom at 345 Cedar Avenue after you find the KCPD letter in the garage (see the collectible listed above this one) and investigate the television in the living room of the house. Once that’s done, head into the bedroom to find this collectible item on the table in the room.

Report #00654: Core Displacement

This collectible item will be found inside of the Tredwell Trucking Warehouse. Head up to the second floor and then make your way over to the control room where you’ll find this item inside the room that you access via the ladder and the catwalks.


Report #00122: Recruits

This collectible item can be found inside of the northern safe house (Union Power and Gas) inside the Union Residential District. Head into the front area and look for this item on the counter in the main office.

Email: Union Growth

You can find this collectible item on the screen of a computer on the counter underneath the large wall map of Union inside of The Marrow’s Operation Situation Room. Look at the screen and inspect the email to obtain it for your files.

Email: Expansion and Data Goals

This email file can be found down on a terminal past the gas-filled tunnels in The Marrow. Head up the ladder that leads to the power control room and use the computer on the desk in the corner to add this file to your collection.


Photo of Sebastian Castellanos

You can find this collectible file tacked onto the skull of a fallen Mobius guard at the front gate that leads up to the City Hall. Picked up the photo to collect it.

Report #00977: Urgent Structural Issues

This collectible item can be found on the edge of a cluttered desk inside of the City Hall Mail Room. This area isn’t far from where you find Miles Harrison (if you entered the City Hall using the rear entrance).

Krimson Post Article

You can find this collectible newspaper page on a side table down the hallway from where you have to correctly arrange the photograph of the mannequin. Be sure to take note of the name included in the article when you pick it up and add it to your collection.

Photo of Murdered Mobius Operative

This new photo of a murdered Mobius operative can be found inside Stefano’s Domain, after you make your way through the two corridors just after snapping the photo of the mannequin together correctly. Keep following the corridors until you reach an office, and then pick up this photo from the desk inside.

Handwritten Note

You’ll find this collectible note hidden in Stefano’s domain, after you head down the long staircase after the shifting hallways. Enter the large room filled with all kinds of contorted sculptures, and then look for the note on the table next to the door that you can exit out of.

Report #00213: Union Social Maintenance

This report can be found inside of City Hall, up on the second floor. After you reactivate the Stable Field Emitter, head to the south hall exit, and make your way to the balcony. Hear you can turn to the left, and move into the office area. Once here, look around for this folder on a desk in the center of the office.


Report #00532: Displacement Protocols

This report can be found inside of The Marrow, near the exit inside Facilities. After you make it past the Watcher, find a door with an oscilloscope lock on it, and then solve the puzzle to gain access to the room beyond. Inside this room you’ll find this report sitting on a desk, waiting to be added to your collection.

Email: Core Candidates

This email can be found on a terminal inside of Hoffman’s Safe House inside The Marrow. After you meet up and talk with Yukiko Hoffman, be sure to take a closer look at the computer terminal nearby to find this email displayed for all to see.


Barkeep’s Journal

You can find this collectible file in the Devil’s Own Taproom while exploring the Union Business District. Head into the taproom through the door on the southern end of the business district and you’ll find this journal on the table in the back corner, just waiting to be grabbed.


Burnt Page From ‘Submit to Freedom’ 1

You can find this collectible file in Theodore’s domain, while exploring the Cellblock Crypt. Look out for the collectible item on an altar in the alcove of the cellblock.


Torres’ Journal

This collectible journal can be found sitting on the desk in the main room of the Torres’ Safe House inside of the Union Nature Preserve. Pick it up to add it to your collection.

Computer File: Hoffman’s Notes

When you return to the Union Nature Preserve, and Hoffman has left to meet with Liam O’Neal, take a look at Hoffman’s computer and grab this email file to add it to your collection.

Computer File: Security Protocol

You can grab this collectible from the room with the Mirror in it—just after you move past the Security Level 4 checkpoint inside The Marrow’s Restricted Labs area. Grab the file off the computer on the desk.

Report: Stem Integration Irregularities

Look out for an active slide projector on the whiteboard next to a Lost Specimen inside of the Autopsy Lab on the first floor of the Restricted Labs in The Marrow. Grab the file to add it to your collection.

Report: Irregularity Studies

You can find this report sitting on the lift in the back of the room at Lab 1. Make sure you grab it off the computer screen, and then don’t forget to grab the jar of Red Gel on the table extending from the cold storage area.

Computer File: Pit Observatory

This collectible item can be found in the Pit Observatory Office inside of The Marrow. Open up the metal door at the southern end of the Restricted Labs and follow the cart track on the first floor and you’ll find a small office next to the disposal pit. Head inside the office and examine the desk computer to find this collectible file.

Torn Psychological Evaluation Report (Bottom)

After the Anima events happen at 336 Cedar Avenue, the Juke Diner, and the Pit Observatory, you’ll be able to move down the hallway after the third Anima event, where you will find a room on the right that you can head inside. Look on the desk inside the room to find this collectible item.

Letter From Police Chief

After all three Anima events occur (at 336 Cedar Avenue, the Juke Diner, and the Pit Observatory) head down the hallway outside the Pit Observatory and look for a room off to the left. Head inside the room and check out this item on the gurney in the corner.

Computer File: Operative Case

This file can be found on the computer in Lab 3, close to the Extraction Device in The Marrow.


Burnt Page from ‘Submit to Freedom’ 2

This collectible item can be found near the burning girl statue in Theodore’s Domain. It’s a page from Theodore’s book, which can be found sitting on the altar in front of the burning girl statue when you are exploring the dark void of his domain.


Hoffman’s Journal

You can find this collectible in the Sanctuary Hotel Lobby inside the Union Business District’s ruins. Look for an equipment bag in the hotel lobby after Sebastian and Hoffman meet up in there. Pick it up to collect it.

Message from Sykes

Look for this note written on a piece of paper inside of Syke’s Safe House inside the Union Business District ruins. After you complete the side mission “The Last Step”, look for this note from Sykes in his Safe House, on the main desk.


Theodore’s Scripture 1

Look out for this page of Theodore’s scripture on the altar inside the cathedral that you can explore on the bottom floor of his stronghold.

Theodore’s Scripture 2

You’ll find this collectible item on the worktable in the side chamber just off of the staircase between the second and third floors of Theodore’s stronghold.


That’s all the Files that you can find in The Evil Within 2. Now that you’ve found all of the files, be sure to check out our guide on how to find all the slides, as well as our guides on how to get the shotgun and how to get the sniper rifle. Also, be sure to head back over to our Evil Within 2 guide for even more help.

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