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Everything You Need to Know to Prepare for Wuthering Waves Release

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Wuthering Waves is arriving on May 22, 2024, and there’s a lot to unpack and enjoy here. Don’t know what the game really is? Well, we’re here to help. Here’s everything you need to know to prepare for Wuthering Waves’ release.

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What is Wuthering Waves? – Story, Gameplay, and More

Wuthering Waves is the latest open-world action role-playing game to debut in 2024. It’s a sci-fi, dystopian take on the genre with monsters, advanced technology, and rich stories about calamities and strong creatures. In simpler words, it’s sort of like Genshin Impact, but way more sci-fi and gloomy.

Kind of like Genshin Impact, Wuthering Waves’ story begins when you awaken from your slumber without any memory of who you are, why you’re here, and what you’re doing. You play the role of the Rover—which is the starting character you choose before playing—who possesses incredible power and combat skills.

In your adventure to learn more about who you are and what this world means to you, you join some other lovely folks from the region of Huanglong and begin settling into your new life, questing and interacting with other characters. Without getting too deep into the storyline, this is the start of Wuthering Waves’ narrative and it’s easy to follow.

The actual game itself is really fun too. Wuthering Waves offers an open world for players to explore that’s full of quests, surprises, rewards, and monsters to fight. You can obtain new characters and use them against bosses or creatures. You can take on quests and complete them to dive deeper into the main storyline. You can also complete puzzles, daily commissions for loot, and a bunch of other cool stuff to keep you busy. Again, it’s sort of like Genshin Impact, so if you’ve ever played it before, you’ll settle in perfectly.

As a reference point, here’s an early gameplay trailer of Wuthering Waves to see what the game offers.

But that’s a simple but detailed explanation of Wuthering Waves. The game officially debuts on May 22, 2024, so feel free to download it on PC or mobile when it comes out.

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