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Everything You Need to Know About Wraith’s Prestige Skin in Apex Legends

The Prestige Skin you've been waiting for is coming this Season.

by Daphne Fama

Apex Legends Season 15 is full of beautiful things. But the crème de la crème may be Wraith’s Prestige Skin.

Premium Skins are skins that are available through in-game limited time events or, once those events are over, for purchase through the Apex Legends in game store for Heirloom Shards. But what makes these skins so covetable is that they’re such a flex? These skins evolve, and to have them in their final form shows that you’ve spent a considerable amount of time dealing death on that character.

What are Prestige Skins in Apex Legends?

Prestige Skins are skins that evolve with challenges, with each skin having three tiers. To move on to the next tier, you’ll have to complete certain challenges.

The Challenges:

Tier 1 -> Tier 2 – Deal 30,000 damage as the Character the skin is for

Tier 2 -> Tier 3 – Deal 100,000 damages as the Character the skin is for

Once you’ve reached Tier 3, you’ll unlock an exclusive finisher that is guaranteed to be one of the most cinematic finishers in the game.

How to Find Prestige Skins in the Apex Legends Store

Once you’re on the landing screen for Apex Legends, tab over to the Store, which will be listed on the top of your screen, in between loadout and club. You should see a second row of options at the top. These will be Specials, Featured, Monthly, Apex Packs, and Mythics. Tab over to Mythics.

You’ll land on the Heirloom screen. To get to Prestige Skins, look to the bottom of the screen. Beside the giant ‘Shop’ text, you’ll see the options for Heirlooms and Prestige Skins. Heirloom should be highlighted in red. Click on Prestige Skin, and you’ll be taken to the Prestige Skin storefront.

Once there, you’ll have the option to buy one of the limited Prestige Skins available. Currently, only Bangalore and Bloodhound have skins available. But to buy any skin, you’ll either have to complete an in-game limited-time event, which has not yet been released for Wraith, or purchase the skin with Heirloom Shards.

Heirloom Shards can be found for free in Apex Packs, but the drop rate is only .2%. Fortunately, you’re guaranteed to get Heirloom Shards within 500 Apex Packs. If you’re trying to grind this out faster, getting a battle pass helps.

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 There’s no way to directly buy this currency. The closest way is to take advantage of those in-game events. These events will have 26 items in the collection and by obtaining 24, you are guaranteed either Heirloom Shards or a Prestige skin, depending on what is being offered.

How to Get Wraith’s Premium Skin in Apex Legends

The next Seasonal Collection, Wintertide, will offer Wraith’s Prestige Skin, making this the fastest way to get the best Prestige skin in Apex Legends. It’s a winter-based event, so expect to see the collection drop in December.