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Is Apex Legends’ Season 15 Battle Pass Worth the Price?

Get your glam on with the Eclipse Battle Pass.

by Daphne Fama

With the release of Apex Legends Season 15: Eclipse comes an all-new, gem-studded Battle Pass.

There are two tiers to the Apex Legends Battle Pass: the free and the premium. But is Apex Legend’s Season 15 Battle Pass worth the 950 Apex Coins (~$10 USD)? Let’s find out.

Should You Buy the Apex Legends Season 15 Battle Pass?

Every new Season in Apex Legends brings certain themes. With the arrival of our new favorite witch, it’s only fitting that the Eclipse battle pass leans towards the cosmic and spooky. And the designers have really outdone themselves. This is by far the most aesthetic Season in a long time. The banners are works of art, and the Wraith sweat emote is perfection. The kill quips are pretty decent, and definitely a step up from the past two seasons.

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But don’t just take my word for it. If you want a concrete measurement, here’s a comparison of the two Battle Passes:

Apex Packs714
Character Skin16
Crafting Material010
Dive Emotes03
Exp Boost010
Gun Skin1125
Voice Line09
Weapon Charm17

The Premium Battle Pass offers way more by every metric. But here are some of the highlights:

  • The Premium Battle Pass has 13 100 Apex Coins. The free pass has two 100 Apex Coins. This means you’ll only need to get to level 85 in the Battle Pass to recoup what you spent. Anything else is just free money to use in the shop.
  • It has 10 sets of 120 crafting material, giving you 1200 total by level 76.
  • Has 14 Apex Packs, with 1 Epic and 1 Legendary, compared to the free pass’s seven rare Apex Packs.
  • Has 3 epic and 2 legendary character skins. The free battle pass has 1 rare skin for Gibraltar.
  • Has 25 gun skins. Two Legendary skins for the Charge Rifle, 1 Legendary skin for the Havoc, 1 Epic skin for the R-301. The regular Battle Pass has 11 rare skins.
  • Has 10 XP Boost (+10% bonus to Top 5 and Win XP, boosts stack and applies to everyone in party).
  • Has two skydive emotes for Catalyst, one for Ash. The free battle pass has none.

Ultimately, the Battle Pass is there to help you customize your Apex Legends experience. If you don’t care about skins or banners and never use voice lines, it’s not worth it. Nor is it worth it if you don’t feel like you’ll be able to invest the time and energy to make it to level 85 in the battle pass, so you can at least recoup the money that you spent.

But if changing your look up is something you enjoy, then the Apex Legends Season 15 Battle Pass is worth the price. And if you’re confident you can see the battle pass through till the end, you’re guaranteed enough money to buy next season’s.