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Every New Galarian Pokemon Move Set In Pokemon GO

by Andrew Smith

Thanks to the wonderful world of leaks, it seems that there are a handful of Galarian move sets that are set to be added to Pokemon GO in honor of the Throwback Challenge Champion Event in June. In this guide, we are going to take a look at all the new Galarian move sets that are rumored to be coming to Pokemon GO in the near future.

All New Galarian Move Sets in Pokemon GO

There are eight new Galarian Pokemon that are set to come to the game according to leakers. Each new version will have a unique move set that will differ from other versions. In the list below, we’ve included all eight of the Galarian Pokemon, including their move sets and stats.


Fast Moves:

Charge Moves:


Galarian Darmanitan


Ice Fang




Ice Punch

233 Stamina

263 Attack

114 Defense

Galarian Darumaka


Ice Fang

Ice Punch

Ice Bean

172 Stamina

153 Attack

86 Defense

Galarian Farfetch’d

Rock Smash

Fury Cutter

Brick Break

Brave Bird

Leaf Blade

141 Stamina

174 Attack

114 Defense

Galarian Darmanitan Zen


Ice Fang




Ice Punch

223 Stamina

323 Attack

123 Defense

Galarian Linoone




Body Slam

Gunk Shot

186 Stamina

142 Attack

128 Defense

Galarian Meowth


Metal Claw

Night Slash

Gyro Ball


137 Stamina

115 Attack

92 Defense

Galacrian Stunfisk

Mud Shot

Metal Claw


Muddy Water

Flash Cannon

Rock Slide

240 Stamina

144 Attack

171 Defense

Galarian Zigzagoon


Take Down


Body Slam


116 Stamina

58 Attack

80 Defense

As we mentioned above, the new Galarian move sets are expected to be added into the game as part of the Throwback Challenge Champion Event which kicks off on June 3. The Galarian versions of Meowth, Zigzagoon, Darumaka, and Stunfisk will be hatchable from eggs during the event. Further, Galarian Meowth and Stunfisk will be given as rewards to those who complete the research tasks. 

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The event will kick off on June 3 at 1 PM (local time) and will come to a close on June 8 at the same time. Players who completed all of the Timed Special Research Tasks in May will be able to attend the event for free when it kicks off. While those who didn’t manage to complete the tasks can still attend, they’ll have to purchase a ticket for $7.99. Additionally, there are still a few details about the event and all of the new Galarian Pokemon that haven’t been made clear yet, but it should all come together when the event kicks off. 

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