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Ever Oasis – How to Get New Residents

by Josh Hawkins

As you build up your Oasis, it’s going to be important that you have enough members within your civilization to help you out by running Bloom Booths and partying up with you when you head out to explore the desert. In this article we’ll go over all the different ways you can get new residents in Ever Oasis, and even cover some helpful tricks that will assure your success in recruiting them.

How to Recruit New Residents

Recruiting residents in Ever Oasis can be either extremely easy, or extremely tedious—depending on the condition of their residency. The best way to find new residents, though, is to build up your Oasis.

We’ve already covered how to expand your Oasis, which requires new residents, and new players should also take a look at our guide on how Bloom Booths work to find out how to use their Oasis’ shops to their advantage. Basically, you want your Oasis to be as attractive to newcomers as possible, because plenty of wandering travelers will stop by, which you can then recruit into your Oasis.

They won’t just simply join up with you, though. Instead, you’ll usually have to complete a specific objective on your To-Do list. For example, a traveler we met wanted us to give them 3 Vulneraries to heal a set of wounds they managed to get on the way over. We made the Vulneraries at our Synthesis Tree, and then gifted the items to them. Upon doing so, they decided to join our Oasis and become a resident.

You can also find travelers outside in the desert. Most of the time these travelers are found in places like Pottery Cave, or other instanced areas that you can travel to. Normally you’ll visit these areas when following rumors or requests, and helping out the travelers you find with their own objectives will often convince them to stop by your Oasis next time they’re around the area. When this happens, you can return to the Oasis and wait for them to arrive while you do other things—like stock up your Bloom Booths.

As you recruit new residents, your Oasis will expand, as we have discussed in our guide on how to expand your Oasis. This is crucial to player progression, and you should always try to have new residents coming in as often as possible, to keep your Oasis leveling up. Don’t forget to complete your To-Do list, and keep plenty of supplies in storage to stock up your Bloom Booths and take care of any requests from traveling NPCs.

You may also have noticed Noots, which are small creatures that visit your Oasis and purchase items from your Bloom Booths. Unfortunately, Noots cannot be made into residents, but they are a great resource for Dewadems, the game’s main currency. To learn more about your Oasis, be sure to head back over to our Ever Oasis guide for more detailed information and tips about the game.