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Etrian Odyssey Origins: Pricing, Gameplay, Release Date and More

Now this is how you stage a comeback

by Lucas White

Map-drawing enthusiasts can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Etrian Odyssey did not perish with the Nintendo 3DS. In fact, it’s coming to both the Nintendo Switch and the PC! Etrian Odyssey Origins was announced during the latest Nintendo Direct, bringing HD remasters of the first three games back with new visuals, features, content and more. Here’s what we know about Etrian Odyssey Origins, including the pricing structure, gameplay changes and more.

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Etrian Odyssey Origins: Pricing, Gameplay, Release Date and More

There’s a piecemeal release structure here, but you can save quite a few dollars if you get the whole set. If you want to buy Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection, it’s available for preorder right now on both Steam and the Nintendo eShop with a $79.99 price tag. Alternatively, you can get Etrian Odyssey HD and its sequels for $39.99 each. So if you’re all in on this bad boy, and frankly any fans of first-person dungeon-crawling should be, you’re essentially getting one of the set for free. Either way, these games will be available on June 1, 2023.

Not only will the series have remastered visuals and music (widescreen!), other new features such as difficulty options, save slots and streamlined menus will be part of the package. These were super niche on the Nintendo DS, so trust me when I say these are some welcome adjustments. The elephant in the room is of course map-drawing, which was a natural fit on Nintendo’s dualscreen platforms. The PC version will have full mouse support which is appropriate, and the Switch versions will have touch screen support. Jury’s out on how that works out but hey, it’s how it’s gotta be.

A set of 24 brand new character portraits have also been added. Finally, there’s even some cameo DLC that will certainly make the ATLUS sickos in the house happy. Characters from various Megami Tensei games, including Persona 5 and Souls Hackers 2, will be available as free DLC for preordering customers or for individual purchase.

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