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Escape from Tarkov Sixpack Key – Everything You Need to Know

by Nicholas Barth

Escape from Tarkov has been around for a couple of years. However, the first-person survival shooter has seen a surge in popularity recently, especially when it comes to streamers playing the game on the high-profile platform of Twitch. This increase in popularity has resulted in plenty of new players diving in Escape from Tarkov for the first time. There are plenty of things that new players must learn when they begin playing Escape from Tarkov. One item that has become a focus of curiosity among players has been the Sixpack key and what its use is. Fortunately, we have all of the currently known information about the Sickpack key in Escape from Tarkov covered for you.

Escape from Tarkov Sixpack Key

Now, the Sixpack key is the name that players refer to the item as. However, it is a key from one of the VAZ cars that players can find in Escape from Tarkov. Sixpack is just the nickname that the community has given to this particular item. Unfortunately, there is currently no use for this item, with the community of the first-person survival shooter unable to find any purpose for the Sixpack key. The unknown nature of this sixpack item has led to plenty of players questioning why it is in the title. 

Escape from Tarkov Sixpack Key

Players may want to keep their hands on one if they find it just in case use for the sixpack item becomes available in the future, but for the time being, it can not be used for anything that will help you find success.

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