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Error Code 397500 in Diablo 4 Beta Explained

A hellscape of errors.

by Matt Vatankhah

The Diablo 4 early access beta is now live for all players who have pre-ordered the game, but eager warriors hoping to take on the demons of Hell are running into a variety of issues. As the case with most beta stress tests for hugely-anticipated games, players are encountering differing error codes that all lead to the same result – they’re unable to play and/or connect to the game. If you’re experiencing error code 397500 in the Diablo 4 Beta, continue reading to learn more and possibly find a fix.

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Diablo IV Error 397500 – “There was an error”

Similar to the various other error codes happening on the Diablo IV beta at this moment, it’s not completely clear why Error Code 397500 is happening, or what triggers it. Players have reported the error happening after being booted from the game and sent back to the character selection screen, while others are experiencing it before even entering the world of Sanctuary.

Other players report that Error Code 397500 occurs after attempting to create an in-game clan in Diablo IV.

Ultimately, the most reliable thing you can do to attempt to alleviate this error is to restart your game completely. Restarting the Diablo 4 Beta has been shown to remedy several of the error codes currently plaguing other players from playing the game. Unfortunately, this also means that you may have to get back into the outrageously long queue times before you’re able to jump back in.

If you’re experiencing extremely long queue times for Diablo 4, we have a guide that may help you skip them.

Blizzard is undoubtedly monitoring the status of the Diablo IV Beta and all the errors that are occurring for players so that, in time, we may be able to enjoy our limited time with the early access build for as long as we can.

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