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How to Enter the Vault in Destiny 2

by Nicholas Barth

Guardians now can begin the 4th Horseman quest and add the formidable exotic shotgun to their inventories. The first step of this quest requires players to enter the vault of Zavala to see if one of his weapons is missing. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to enter the vault of Zavala covered for you!

How to Enter the Vault in Destiny 2

Players will first need to speak with Zavala to pick up the 4th Horseman exotic quest. The Vanguard Titan will ask you to go to his office and search inside of his vault. You will need to make your way to the third level of the Tower and go through the open door that you will see on the third level. Follow the path through this door and enter Zavala’s office. Guardians will then need to go to the stairs by the office and crawl under them. Go down the path under the stairs, and you will drop into the location you are searching for.

enter vault destiny 2

Once you have entered the vault, interact with the weapons case of Zavala. Interacting with the weapons case will officially complete the first step of the 4th Horseman exotic weapon quest. You will then need to head back to Zavala and inform him of what you discovered to proceed to the next step of the 4th Horseman quest. 

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