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The Elder Scrolls Online: Wayrest Sewers Dungeon Boss Guide

by Bryan Dawson

There are five boss battles in the Wayrest Sewers dungeon. While this isn’t the hardest dungeon in The Elder Scrolls Online or even the most difficult in this level range, it can be tough for inexperienced parties that do not know the basic strategies to battle each boss. Several of the fights may put a strain on the tank and healers, and in some cases even the damage dealers (DPS).

How to Beat Investigator Garron

The battle against Garron requires the tank, DPS and healer to work overtime to make sure everyone survives. All party members avoid the green orbs that hover throughout the area. If they hit a party member, it will damage them. More importantly, they explode randomly and inflict significant damage to any party members nearby. The tank should move Garron away from any orbs that get too close, but all party members need to be aware of their position and stay away from the orbs at all times.

Garron attacks random party members with his ranged magic attacks. Healers need to keep every member of the party as close to full health as possible. If there’s a lapse in healing, things can quickly get out of hand. In addition, two adds spawn during the fight. The tank should acquire hate on the adds as quickly as possible while the DPS classes shift from the boss to the adds until they’ve been taken care of. During this time, the tank will get hit harder than usual, so the healer needs to pay extra attention. Once the adds are down, there isn’t much left in the fight.

How to Beat Uulgarg the Hungry

The key to beating Uulgarg involves taking out the adds before the boss enters the battle. You won’t have a lot of time to take care of the adds before Uulgarg appears, but the more adds you clear out, the easier the fight with Uulgarg will be. Once the adds are down, there isn’t much to worry about. Uulgarg uses a Power Attack that should be blocked by the tank. He also uses an area of effect (AoE) attack that will hit any melee DPS classes in close proximity to the boss. However, ranged DPS classes don’t have much to worry about in this battle.

How to Beat the Rat Whisperer

There isn’t much to the battle against the Rat Whisperer. The boss summons adds throughout the battle, but how you handle the adds will depend upon how well-geared your DPS classes are. If you have solid DPS classes, ignore the adds until the boss is down (which shouldn’t take long). Once the boss has been taken out, shift focus to the adds and use AoE attacks to quickly finish them off. Healers need to pay attention to ensure that the adds aren’t slowly depleting the party’s health, but overall this isn’t a very strenuous battle. If your DPS classes are lackluster, take out the adds when they spawn, then focus on the boss.

How to Beat Varaine Pellingare

The battle against Varaine is an easy one so long as the entire party pays attention to the attack animations and dodge accordingly. The boss uses two big attacks that inflict fairly significant damage if you’re not watching out for them. Watch out for a frontal AoE attack that has considerable range. Ranged DPS and healers should pay close attention to ensure they’re not hit by this attack.

When the boss jumps into the air and spins, he’s about to use a sword attack that hits any party member close to the boss. If you’re paying attention, this isn’t overly difficult to avoid, but if your reactions aren’t great, save some stamina so you can roll out of the way when you see the boss jump. Either way, healers should keep the tank and any melee DPS close to full health to make the recovery a bit easier if the attack connects.

How to Beat Allene Pellingare

The most important aspect of the fight against Allene is for the tank to block her Power Attacks. Even a well-geared tank will take severe damage if one of Allene’s Power Attacks connects. Blocking these attacks should be the tank’s top priority. Beyond that, healers will have to work overtime as the boss moves around quickly, attacking randomly party members. It’s important to keep the party as close to full health as possible.

Instead of summoning adds to help Allene in battle, the boss instead teleports the entire group to a different realm where a group of adds will attack. Shift focus from the boss to the adds and burn them down as quickly as possible. As long as the adds go down quickly and the tank blocks all Power Attacks, this fight shouldn’t pose too much of a challenge.

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