Does The Elder Scrolls Online Have Cross-Play? – Answered

Can you play this with your friends, no matter where they are?

The world of The Elder Scrolls is massive, but do you know what makes it even better? Making it multiplayer, with multiple worlds to explore, and countless quests to engage in. The Elder Scrolls Online looks to bring the whole world of The Elder Scrolls to life, giving players the chance to explore their favorite areas with their friends and clanmates. But, are gamers on separate consoles able to join up together to take down the massive monsters that roam these lands, or are they going to be locked to a specific platform?

Can You Play The Elder Scrolls Online With Other Consoles?

If you’ve been trying to find out why you can’t find your PlayStation friends when logging into your Xbox copy of The Elder Scrolls Online, you’re not alone. I jumped into this world for the first time on PC, while my wife logged into her copy on her Xbox Series S, and we couldn’t find one another. This is because The Elder Scrolls Online does not support Crossplay.

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If you’re hoping to play with your friends, you’ll all need to be on the same console family. This means that Xbox Players can only play with other Xbox Players, PC with PC, and PlayStation with other PlayStation consoles. However, if you’re still playing on older hardware, you’ll be able to partake in Cross-Generation play with those on newer consoles.

However, just like Crossplay, you’ll need to stick within the same console family to partake in this generational play. Xbox Series X|S owners share a world with Xbox One gamers, and the same goes for the PlayStation family of consoles. While it may look prettier on the newer generation, the gameplay will be exactly the same across these generations.

Does The Elder Scrolls Online Have Cross Progression

Depending on the console that you chose in this previous generation, you may be hoping that you can bring your progress to a new console. Much like Crossplay, Cross Progression is not a thing in The Elder Scrolls Online, so keep that in mind before upgrading your hardware. If you were playing on Xbox One, you’ll need a Series S|X to keep your party rolling.

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So, this means if you went from Xbox to PlayStation for the new generation, you’ll need to be prepared to start up a whole new save file. This is unfortunate, really, but it’s hopefully something Zenimax/Bethesda can add in the future.

Will There Ever Be Crossplay In The Elder Scrolls Online?

At this point, it seems highly unlikely that we will ever see crossplay in this particular universe. It’s a shame because The Elder Scrolls Online is a rather exciting MMORPG that brings players together in a variety of new ways. With the sheer number of worlds, quests, and activities available, it would be great to see the communities come together and see the servers explode with players, but we’ll have to stick to what we can get for the time being.

Will we ever see Crossplay in ESO? It’s doubtful at this point, as the game has been doing just fine for all these years without it, but we can only hope and dream of a day when we can all gather together, no matter the console we’ve chosen. If you’re ready for the new Necromancer class, be sure that you’re keeping your eyes on the Elder Scrolls Online section we have below.

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