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Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – How to Install Add Ons

by Josh Hawkins

Add-ons have been a part of Bethesda games for as long as anyone can remember, and when Zenimax brought the world of The Elder Scrolls to its hit MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online, they wanted to give players some of the same freedom as previous Elder Scrolls titles. They did this by allowing users to create various mods that players could install using a built in add-ons section in the game. In this article we’ll talk more about The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind add-ons, how you can make use of them, and how to install them.

What Kind of Add-Ons are There?

Unlike previous Elder Scrolls titles, you won’t find massive quest overhauls, or even game-changing mods available for The Elder Scrolls Online. Because the game is an online-only title, the types of mods that you can use are limited to graphical and UI changes. These include better UI’s like the hotbar, menu system, and even things like sorting for the inventory, better inventory layouts, and merchant purchase histories. Thanks to a dedicated community of modders, The Elder Scrolls Online has plenty of UI-based mods to choose from, and players can get started by heading over to ESOUI.com.

How to Install Add-Ons

Installing Add-Ons for The Elder Scrolls Online is relatively easy. All you’ll need to do is download the mod that you want, then extract the .zip or .rar file using a program like 7Zip or Winrar. Once you’ve opened the zipped file, head to your My Documents folder and look for a folder named Elder Scrolls Online.

Once you locate the folder, open it up and look for a folder called Live (or LiveEU if you’re based in the EU). Open up that folder, and then extract the contents of the mod into the Live folder. When the transfer has finished, close the folder out (or install any additional mods you want to use) and then boot up your game. Load in to the menu, and look for the Add-Ons option in the list of options. Click on it, and then tick the mods that you want to activate.

Now that your mods are activated, load up the character of your choice and take a look at the mod to see if you really like the changes that it made. If you don’t, you can always simply untick it, or even uninstall it by deleting the files from the Live or LiveEU folder.

That’s all there is to installing and using add-ons in The Elder Scrolls Online. Since the release of the Morrowind DLC, many new players have picked up the game, or previous players have returned to experience the revamped content. Using the mods can make the UI a bit more intuitive to your liking, or if you don’t like the idea of add-ons, feel free to play the game as Zenimax designed it. You can find out more about the Morrowind DLC by heading over to our Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind guide!

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