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Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – How to Access Vvardenfell, DLC Guide

by Josh Hawkins

Elder Scrolls Online’s latest DLC, Morrowind has finally arrived, giving fans of the series a chance to return to the great island of Vvardenfell. But, getting started in the DLC can be a bit confusing. In this article we’ll teach you every possible way you can access the Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind DLC, so you can get started exploring the vast and treacherous world ahead of you.

How to Access ESO: Morrowind

Currently there are several different ways that players can access Vvardenfell and begin their journey through Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. We’ve broken these different ways up into their own sections below, so find the section that best suits you to see how you can get started in the new DLC.

Brand New ESO Account, Brand New Character

If you’re just getting started in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), and you’re just now creating your first character, then accessing Vvardenfell is going to be extremely simple. Continue through the character creation process, and you’ll be sent through the game’s brand new tutorial. After the tutorial you’ll arrive at Seyda Neen, where you will begin your adventure in Vvardenfell. After your first character, you can create any additional characters you wish to create, and then choose to skip the tutorial if you aren’t interested in running it again.

Existing ESO Account, Existing Characters

If you already have an ESO account, and you have already started playing the base game with an existing character, then finding your way to Vvardenfell might be a bit trickier. First, open up your map and look for the Seyda Neen Wayshrine. It’s the only Wayshrine available on the island at the start, so travel to it to get started.

We’d recommend building up to your journey to Morrowind by heading to a nearby Inn and picking up the quest “The Missing Prophecy”. Once you complete the quest you’ll receive the Twilight Shard memento, and then you can travel straight to Seyda Neen to get started in Vvardenfell.

Existing ESO Account, New Character

If you want to create a new character for the DLC, then login to your existing account and create a new character. This will send you through the new Morrowind tutorial, but you’ll have the option to skip it and continue on your way without the tutorial to guide you. Or, you can complete the tutorial, at which point you’ll be sent straight to Seyda Neen, where you can get started.

As we said above, there are multiple ways to get started in ESO: Morrowind, depending on how you want to play. Since Morrowind does include the new Warden character, we’d definitely suggest creating a new character and giving it a shot to see how you like it.

For now you can return to our Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind guide, where we’ll have plenty of additional Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind guides available within the next few days.

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