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Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – All Stones of Cold Fire Locations

by Josh Hawkins

After you complete the Reclaiming Vos quest, you’ll unlock the At Any Cost quest, which is given out by Mistress Dratha. You can pick up this quest by visiting Tel Mora. After acquiring the quest you’ll be tasked with collecting several Stones of Cold Fire located around Vvardenfell. In this article we’ll break down all Stone of Cold Fire locations in Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, and tell you how to get them.

All Stones of Cold Fire Locations

To find all seven of the Stones of Cold Fire you’ll need to visit seven Daedric shrines around Vvardenfell. To acquire the stones, simply visit the shrines and collect each stone from the rooms near the end. Some of these locations have a miniboss nearby, though you can avoid the enemy and grab the stone without going into battle. We’ve broken up each section below based on the shrine you need to visit.


The first Stone of Cold Fire can be found inside of the Ashalmawia Delve, which is in the northwestern section of Vvardenfell. You may need to defeat the miniboss, Zylara in order to make it to the room with the stone.

Bal Ur

You’ll find the next Stone of Cold Fire by heading inside the Bal Ur Underground, which is located north of Suran. Head inside and be mindful of the Phylaraak miniboss nearby. Look for the stone next to a few candles in the shrine’s interior.


To find the third Stone of Cold Fire, head southeast of Vos to the Esutanamus Shrine. There’s a Daedroth miniboss here, so be careful and look for this Stone of Cold Fire around the shrine.


The next Stone of Cold Fire is found near the Kushtashpi Shrine, which is northwest of Vos. Watch out for the Daragaz miniboss nearby, and keep an eye out on the ground around the shrine to spot this Stone of Cold Fire and acquire it.


Make your way south of Ald’ruhn and head inside of the Ramimilk shrine. You’ll find this stone inside the shrine. Thankfully there aren’t any minibosses nearby, so you shouldn’t have any trouble grabbing this Stone of Cold Fire.


Just north of Molag Mar you’ll find the Tusenend shrine. Head inside the shrine and look out for the Kythiirix miniboss inside. Deal with the boss (or avoid it) and look for the Stone of Cold Fire on the ground inside.


You can find this final Stone of Cold Fire by visiting the Yansirramus shrine, which is west of Sadrith Mora. Deal with the Brakuum miniboss near the shrine, and look for the stone around the top of the area.

Once you have all of the Stones of Cold Fire, return to Dratha and enter the portal to the Prison of Xykenaz. Defeat Xykenaz and then return to Dratha to complete this quest. You can return to our Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind guide for more helpful articles like which race is best for the Warden class and how to play Battlegrounds.

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