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Who Tops EA’s Top 10 Running Backs List for Madden NFL 24?

We are so close to Madden 24’s release that it’s time to run the ball!

It’s that time of year and the phase in the game where all the build-up for a new season gets us hyped for what’s to come and who’s coming with it. As we hit the 22-day mark before Madden NFL 24 kicks off, EA has been doing their usual release of all the player ratings for the next installment of Madden. 

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We are so close to the release of Madden 24, you can almost touch the goal line. Because of how close we are to August 15, the launch date, we’ve reached the Running Back list. Check out all of EA’s top picks for the best ball carriers in the game. 

The Best Running Backs in Madden 24 on Launch Day (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Listing Madden 24’s Top 10 Running Backs

Player NFL TeamRating
10Joe MixonCincinnati Bengals87
9Tony PollardDallas Cowboys88
8Aaron JonesGreen Bay Packers88
7Jonathan TaylorIndianapolis Colts89
6Austin EkelerLos Angeles Chargers89
5Saquon BarkleyNew York Giants93
4Derrick HenryTennessee Titans94
3Josh Jacobs Las Vegas Raiders95
2Christian McCaffreySan Francisco 49ers96
1Nick ChubbCleveland Browns97

The special one, who is only the fourth player in NFL history to break 100 yards in three or fewer carries, Nick Chubb of the Cleveland Browns, is the star of the list with a 97 overall launch day rating. This means that the Fullbacks of the game miss out on a 99-rated player. There’s actually a major dropoff from 5th place (93 OVR) to 6th place (89 OVR). 

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A talking point coming from the top 10 list of Madden is the surprise to see Dallas Cowboys star Running Back Tony Pollard only on 88. I thought a 90 would be standard for the top 10 Running Backs in Madden NFL 24, but hey, stats don’t lie, and I don’t make the games we love to play. In fact, I thought a 90 overall for the top 10 in all divisions would be standard procedure.

Another big surprise is seeing a Green Bay Packers offensive player make the top 10 list. However, Aaron Jones was of top quality last season and does deserve his place here, despite an underwhelming Green Bay Packers performance as they “build”. 

One of Aaron Jones or Joe Mixon would have dropped out if Dalvin Cook wasn’t in hot water at the moment and not a Free Agent. At the time of writing, Cook’s future in the NFL is under threat, with a suspension looming. Davlin Cook has one of the best ratings in Madden. 

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