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EA Sports TOTS Warm-Up Series Explained

Warm-up to the Team of the Season event - coming in hot!

by Ashley Anthony
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What’s the EA Sports TOTS Warm-Up Series? Does it have anything to do with the actual EA Team of the Season promo that supposed to happen soon, or is it a different entry before the season comes to a close? 

Here in this post, that’s exactly what we’re going to cover; what the EA Sports TOTS Warm-Up Series is, how it works, and when to look out for it. Let’s get busy with the latest in what FIFA Ultimate Team has installed for us in the coming weeks.

What’s the TOTS Warm-Up Series? 

What the title reads is what it means; it’s a promo that will warm-up players before the real deal and big event kicks off. Due to the wait between now and April 28, the people over at EA thought it’s best to keep the players entertained and well-scripted in what’s to come in the Team of the Season event. 

EA Sports TOTS Warm-Up Series

In this pre-release series, players can stack their respective FUT clubs with player item packs. They can choose to open them when the TOTS promo starts with Community TOTS or wait until the following week when the league’s TOTS kicks off (a big spider tingle inside me tells me that most FUT23 players will wait until their favorite leagues come into play).

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Leaks predict the promo will involve SBCs, Objectives, Upgrade SBCs, and TOTS-themed packs like League Upgrades (EFIGS).

When will EA Release The TOTS Warm-Up Series?

In most cases, a week is enough to get used to a new gig, trend, game, or update, and that’s what EA has done with this FIFA 23 promo. Thanks to leaks from FUT23 experts, there are talks that the Warm-Up Series will be made available this coming Friday, April 21, during the usual FIFA Friday Drop at 6 pm BST/1 pm ET/10 am PT. 

Are you excited and gearing up for the season’s final stretch as we prepare to fade out one of the biggest sports gaming collaborations in FIFA? For more news on FIFA 23 and what’s still to come before the season concludes, read FIFA 23 Promo Tracker.

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