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Dying Light Easter Eggs and Secrets – The Clicker, World 1-1

by Prima Games Staff

Dying Light is a serious zombie game for the most part. Some of the requests made in side missions are a bit silly (looking for crayons for the kiddies, for example), but by and large, it’s a dark adventure where people struggle to survive.  That doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun. 

You’ll encounter a variety of cool Easter eggs and secrets, some of which point to well-known video games. With that in mind, we’ll tell you how to find them all, with some help from YouTube channel PS4 Trophies.


Head to the Slums and swim to an island located in the southeastern area of the map. When you reach it, look for a dead body impaled by a sword. Press and hold the trigger for approximately 120 seconds. The body will burn and then mysteriously disappear. Now collect the Blueprint to make a powerful blade. 

Korek Machete

Stay in the slums to find this secret. Travel to the north side and walk into the middle of the Safe Zone. Now travel east to a building shaped like a C. Climb on top of this building and search for a toolbox. Kick it roughly 76 to 78 times and pick up the Blueprint for the Korek Machete. 

Dancing Zombies 

During the Werewolf Escort mission where you travel with Babar, go into the second hangar and look for an electric switch near the entrance. Interact with it and let the undead show off their smooth moves. 

Wall of Fame 

Check out the wall located at the front of the Tower. Look at all these missing people! Who are they? Developers from Techland? Family members? Great chance it’s the former. 

Loot Cave 

Techland pays homage to Destiny with this Easter egg.  Stick to the Slums and look for a cave in the northeastern area. Leap over a barricade near some water and then show off your swimming skills through a submerged tunnel. The cave is on the other side. Don’t worry. Techland won’t patch this cave.


Chances are good you’ll find this secret several minutes into Dying Light. There’s a guitar in your room and Kyle can’t play it well, at least until you pick up the lesson book in the school. Now go back to the Tower and give the guitar another try.

Sick Bomb 

While in the tower, head up to the roof and search for a chess board almost beneath the crane. Make your move, leave the Tower and return to make another. Eventually you’ll win the match and receive this Blueprint. 

Ray McCall

Techland is the developer behind the Western-themed FPS, Call of Juarez. There’s a nod to that game in Dying Light. While on the Gunslinger mission, pick up the Ray McCall figurine at the pawn shop. You’ll see this figure in Kyle Crane’s room at the Tower. Interact with it for a surprise.

World 1-1 

Super Mario Bros., is that you? In Old Town, look for the final building in the southwestern corner of the map. Go to the roof to discover a familiar-looking green pipe. Use it to enter a strange place where you must jump on enemies’ heads Super Mario style. Search for a hidden brick and smash it with your head to receive a Blueprint. 

The Clicker 

While on the Bunker mission in Old Town, be on the lookout for the goal that tells you to Get Inside the Bunker. Head into the Town Hall and immediately go up the stairs. Position Kyle in front of the elevator and wait for it to open. Out pops a zombie that resembles a Clicker from the awesome PS3 and PS4 game, The Last of Us.

Stasis Field Projector

You can find this one in Old Town while taking part in the Rupert the Gunsmith quest line, and while inside the Magic Fortress. Walk into the kindergarten above Rupert and check for the pink teddy bear. Activate that sucker several times and it will eventually blow up, leaving behind a Blueprint for, drumroll, the Stasis Field Projector!

Left Ball of Glova 

This is perhaps the toughest secret to find because it requires two stones located in Old Town. You’ll find the first one behind a tilted tower to the northwest. The stone is on a ledge just above the ground; you may need to use Night Sense.  Once you spot the stone, climb to grab it. 

For the second one, check the beach near the museum. When you have them both, go to Ishaq’s apartment (Shadow of the King) in the northwestern section of Old Town. Insert the stones into the skull on top of the globe and collect the reward.

Plants vs. Zombies

Finally, we have this wonderful nod to PopCap’s strategy gem Plants vs. Zombies! Enjoy.

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