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How to Get Ducklett in Pokemon GO

by Nicholas Barth

There seems to always be an exciting event for the Pokemon GO community to experience. One of the next significant ones that Trainers will be able to enjoy will be the Fourth Anniversary event, where a plethora of new content will be added to the title for the community to enjoy. One of the most exciting aspects of the upcoming Fourth Anniversary event will be the opportunity for players to encounter and catch a Ducklett. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to get Ducklett covered for you.  

Ducklett Pokemon GO

The Fourth Anniversary event for the game will be taking place from 8 AM local time on Friday, July 3rd to 10 PM local time on Wednesday, July 8th. It is during this particular period where players will have the chance to encounter and catch Ducklett in the wild and hatching from 5KM eggs. 

Trainers will also be able to get an opportunity to encounter and catch Ducklett if they complete all three sets of tasks in the GO Fest Weekly Challenge: Skill Timed Research during the Fourth Anniversary Event.

Ducklett Pokemon GO

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There is no doubt that plenty of Trainers will be very excited to try their best to encounter and catch a Ducklett and add this unique character to their team for all of their future adventures. 

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