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Dragon Quest 11 – Defeat the Smog

by Bryan Dawson

Early on in Dragon Quest 11 you will encounter the Smog, a pseudo-boss enemy. You won’t be able to defeat the Smog with normal attacks, and if you don’t act quickly your party will die. To help you get through this early obstacle, this article will give you all the information you need to defeat the Smog in Dragon Quest 11. Once you can defeat the Smog in DQ11 you can continue on with the prologue and get into the real meat and potatoes of Dragon Quest 11.

How to Defeat the Smog

  • Use magic attacks!

To defeat the Smog all you need to do is use magic attacks. You’ll learn magic spells as you level up your characters. You need to be level 2 before you gain your first magic attack, Frizz. If you don’t yet have Frizz, backtrack and attack a few more enemies until your main character reaches level 2. At that point you will automatically learn Frizz and be able to defeat the Smog enemies that appear early in the game.

If you attempt to attack the Frizz with physical attacks, more often than not you will miss and won’t inflict any damage. While you can still occasionally hit the Smog with physical attacks, it’s much easier to defeat them with magic attacks. It’s important not to even try using physical attacks because the Smog enemies hit very hard. If you spend too much time on physical attacks, your party will perish before you have enough turns to take down the Smog enemies. As soon as they appear, attack with Frizz until they’re defeated and you shouldn’t have any issues.

As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter more Smog enemies. They aren’t nearly as difficult as your first encounter because your characters will be much higher level. It’s only this first encounter that’s difficult because they essentially act as a boss enemy of sorts. Once you get through them during the first encounter, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with them.

For more information, such as the basic controls or saving, be sure to check out our Dragon Quest 11 game hub!

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