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Dragon Quest 7 – Basic Classes Guide

by Bryan Dawson

This guide covers all of the basic classes in Dragon Quest 7 and what you should be focusing on if you want to get the most out of your party. Once you free the land of Dharma you gain access to the basic classes. Each class has a total of eight ranks that are required to master the class and unlock intermediate and advanced classes (by combining multiple mastered classes). You can increase rank by fighting in a specific number of battles. Every other rank you gain a new skill or spell.


Bard as a standalone class probably shouldn’t be your first choice. You need to keep a Bard in the back row as it focuses on support skills in battles. Outside of battle you can use Repel to keep the weaker monsters away from you. However, the best reason to have a Bard is so you can eventually get to the Teen Idol and then Summoner classes.


Clerics are extremely helpful members of the party. As such this should be one of the first classes you go for. The Cleric is essentially the main healer of your party, so it should be clear how important they can be. Not only can they heal your party, they can also revive fallen party members. Keep them in the back row to help support your party in battle.


While at first glance you may wonder why you need a Dancer in your party, but they were an important support role. Dancers can redirect damage, steam MP from enemies and can be an all around nuisance to most enemies. A Dancer can be very useful, but as you progress through the game a Dancer will join your party (Aira), so you shouldn’t prioritize getting a Dancer otherwise.


Think of Fighters as party members who can dish out a ton of damage. They specialize in scoring critical hits for even greater damage, but they are limited in the weapons they can use. You need to equip a Fighter with a claw weapon or you will see a decrease in their damage output. The Fighter class is a stepping stone to the Dragoon and Paladin classes, so it’s a good idea to start leveling it up as soon as possible.


Jester shouldn’t be your first choice when it comes to the classes in Dragon Quest 7. Like a Bard, they are required if you wish to become a Teen Idol or Summoner down the road. However, there are times when you can’t control the actions of a Jester, and they even have the ability to inflict damage on themselves. They do have high luck, but that’s about the only saving grace outside of the later classes you can become.


As you might expect, the Mage class is a magic-based damage dealer that can inflict significant damage to enemies. While the Mage class on its own is very powerful, once you have mastered it you can become a Sage and eventually a Summoner to learn even more devastating magic spells. There’s really no reason to avoid the Mage class as they’re very useful in almost every way.


The Mariner is useful during a battle and when you’re not in battle. They can use the Bird Eye technique which allows them to find the nearest town. If you’re in need of supplies or you need to get new equipment, this ability can be extremely useful. Mariners can also paralyze enemies and are immune to sea-based spells.


Shepherd probably won’t be the first class on your list of useful classes. They have some interesting abilities such as Antidote to cure poison and Wool Guard to reduce cold or ice damage for allies. However, there are almost always better classes to learn before you decide to go for Shepherd. They are useful when trying to master classes due to the Whistle ability, which causes a battle to begin immediately.


While it may not be surprising, the main advantage of a Thief is their ability to steal items from enemies at the end of a battle. They attack frequently, but have average strength and defense. They are somewhat more difficult to fit into a party, but if you master a Thief you can eventually unlock the Pirate class to learn sea-based attacks.


The Warrior is an all out brutal attacker. They inflict heavy damage and have several useful skills. If you’re in a battle that must be won by knocking out the enemy, Warriors work well due to their increased health points and Vitality stats. Some of their attacks miss frequently, but when they connect they inflict very high damage.

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