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Dragon Ball Xenoverse – Supernova, Death Ball, Best Ultimate Attacks

by Bryan Dawson

Now that you decided what race to play in Dragon Ball Xenoverse, and went over some basic and advanced strategies, it’s time to look at some of the better Ultimate Attacks. In multiplayer and even against the computer during missions and quests, it’s your Ultimate Attacks that you’ll probably use more than anything else.

We compiled a list of some of the best and easiest to use Ultimate Attacks. Of course this isn’t a complete list, as everyone has varying play styles. However, this should give you a good place to start so you can understand what makes an Ultimate Attack good in Xenoverse.

Super Saiyan Transformations

While not every race can use a Super Saiyan transformation, this is one of the best skills if your character has access to the ability. When you transform into a Super Saiyan you gain the ability to use unlimited Super and Ultimate Attacks without costing any of your Ki meter. The downside is that your Ki meter continuously drops as soon as you turn Super Saiyan. If you don’t have access to Super Saiyan, Kaioken can be used by any race and has a similar effect except that it drains Stamina instead of Ki.

Your best bet is to wait until your Ki meter is full, then transform into a Super Saiyan and unleash a flurry of Super and Ultimate Attacks on your opponent. When the transformation wears off you’ll be left virtually defenseless, so you need to make sure you take down your opponent before that happens.

Most Ultimate Attacks drain an opponent’s Stamina meter if they block it. This means you can use multiple Ultimate Attacks while you’re a Super Saiyan, and as long as the opponent blocks the attacks, you’re virtually guaranteed a Guard Break. Once the opponent’s guard is broken, you’re free to inflict massive damage with continuous Ultimate Attacks.

Special Beam Cannon

The best thing about Piccolo’s trademark Special Beam Cannon is the fact that it cannot be blocked. That’s right, in order to avoid taking damage from the Special Beam Cannon, you need to avoid it completely. It doesn’t hurt that the hit box for the Special Beam Cannon is deceptively wide. That makes it even harder to avoid, and the opponent will take full damage even if only a small portion of the Special Beam Cannon connects. On top of all this, it inflicts solid damage and executes fast enough to use in almost any combat situation.

Body Change

Captain Ginyu’s trademark technique is back and works just as well as it did in the Dragon Ball Z anime. When you use Body Change, you switch bodies with your target. The best use of this ability is when you’re losing a match. When you change bodies you also swap health, which can be devastating to your opponent. If your health is low, use the Body Change attack to gain the upper hand in the match and finish off your opponent just when they thought they’d won.

Death Ball

There are two big reasons Death Ball is one of the best Ultimate Attacks in Dragon Ball Xenoverse. The first is that is tracks your target, making it difficult to avoid. The second is that you have a large number of invincibility frames while executing the attack. What does this mean to you? Well, it means that you can unleash Death Ball without taking damage during the attack animation. If that weren’t enough, you can start a second Death Ball while the first is still hitting your target. Imagine coupling this with a Super Saiyan transformation so you have unlimited Death Ball attacks for a short time.


Supernova is similar to Death Ball. It’s difficult to avoid, inflicts a tremendous amount of damage and your character is invincible throughout most of the attack animation. You have to position yourself a bit better when using Supernova compared to Death Ball, but both attacks are difficult to avoid when properly timed. You can defeat most opponents with two or three Supernova attacks over the course of battle.

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