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Dragon Ball Xenoverse – Majin Race Tips and Tricks – Fight Like Super Buu

by Bryan Dawson

If you think of Dragon Ball Xenoverse like a role-playing game, the Saiyans would be your damage dealers (DPS) with high attack power and low health, and the Majin race of custom characters would fall into the tank category with almost a completely opposite play style compared to the Saiyans. They offer a unique take on a game centered around blasting your opponents into the stratosphere.

Race Overview

The Majin race offers higher defense than any other race, but slower Stamina regeneration to compensate. However, when you have maximum Stamina your defense increases even more. If that weren’t enough, male Majin characters have even more health, but slower movement speed. Meanwhile, females have higher movement speed but slightly lower health.


  • High defense
  • Good movement speed (female only)

If you have a defensive play style, the Majin race is what you’ve been looking for. They have higher defense than any other race in the game, with male Majins having even higher defense than females. If you couple this with points in the Max Health category when you level up, you can make your opponents extremely frustrated with how difficult it is to inflict damage.

While becoming the “tank” of Xenoverse is great, if that’s not your preferred play style you can select a female Majin. They have faster movement speed at the cost of some defense. You won’t be able to take quite as many hits as a male Majin, but with faster movement speed you can mount an offense much easier. This is the best of both worlds since you’ll still have more defense than any other race.


  • Slow Stamina regeneration rate
  • Slow movement speed (male only)

Slow Stamina regeneration is a big deal for the Majin race, but it impacts females more so than males. With higher defense, male Majin characters can take more of a beating. If they run out of Stamina, it’s OK for them to take a combo or two. However, as a female you won’t have quite the defensive advantage, so your increased movement speed will have to make up for slower Stamina regeneration.

While it’s technically a weakness that male Majin characters have slow movement speed, the fact that they can take a ton of hits before they’re KO’d makes this point somewhat moot. This is especially true if you put a lot of points into Max Health, which makes it even more difficult to KO a male Majin. You won’t need faster movement speed to get away because you can take all the hits you want.

Leveling Recommendations

Max Health (40 percent) – The primary purpose of playing a Majin race character is that you have higher defense than any other race. If you take that fact and add a ton of points (at least 40 percent) into Max Health, it becomes very difficult for any opponent to take you down. With that said, you’ll still need to have good meter management and know how to fight, but once you get the hang of things you’ll be frustrating opponents left and right.

Max Ki (optional) – Majin characters excel at defense, so putting points into Max Ki is completely optional. You need some offense, which means that has to come from basic attacks or KI-based attacks. If you favor Ki-based attacks, then having a bit more Ki is beneficial. If that’s not your style, then focus more on the Basic Attack or one of the Super Attack categories.

Max Stamina (30 percent) – As a Majin character you have slower Stamina regeneration than other races. You can help supplement this weakness by putting at least 30 percent of your points into the Max Stamina category. It won’t make your Stamina regenerate any faster, but with more Stamina you won’t have to worry about running out quickly.

Basic Attacks (optional) – Putting points into the Basic Attacks category depends upon your play style. If you prefer to get up close and personal by unleashing a barrage of basic attack combos, put some points into this category. Keep in mind that Majin characters have slow movement speed, especially males. If you create a Majin, you may find it difficult to get close enough to an opponent to use basic attacks. If this is the case, focus more on Max Ki and one of the Super categories.

Strike/Ki Blast Supers (15 percent) – While Majin characters have very high defense, you’re going to need to inflict some damage if you want to win. That’s probably going to come in the form of Super attacks. Pick the type of Super you favor most and pour some points into that category. You’re going to want to use at least 15 percent of your points here, but more is always helpful.

If defense isn’t your thing, you may want to check out the Saiyan or Earthling races to see if they fit your play style.

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