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Dragon Ball Xenoverse – How to Play Online

by Bryan Dawson

If you just picked up Dragon Ball Xenoverse, you may be wondering how to play online against other people. Not all modes of play are available when you begin the game, but this quick guide will get you online in no time. 

Step One

At the beginning of the game you will go through a series of short battles. These are fairly simple to get through, as they are only meant to progress the story, not test your battle skills. 

Step Two 

Once you’ve gone through the initial set of battles you can create your character and choose your fighting style to determine your initial set of items. Please refer to our Character Race Comparison feature for details on the different races. 

Step Three 

After creating a character, talk to Trunks, then explore Tokitoki City until you’ve been through all three areas and circled back around to Trunks. Talk to him again to accept your first mission against Raditz. This is also a fairly simple battle. Use melee attack combos (weak and strong attacks) to make quick work of Raditz and complete the mission. 

Step Four 

Talk to Trunks once again, then make your way over to the Time Machine Station to complete an Offline Parallel Quest

Step Five

When you get back to Tokitoki City, go to the Plaza of Time and head to the upper right corner to find a glowing portal that leads to another area where Trunks is waiting. Speak to Trunks to continue the story mode. 

Step Six 

To unlock multiplayer, you need to complete the next saga in the story mode. That means you must complete all of the events leading up to the defeat of Vegeta. To do this, you must face off against Napa, Vegeta and Great Ape Vegeta

Fighting Napa is fairly straightforward. Keep up a continuous offense and he won’t have much to counter with. Once you get to the battle against Vegeta and Napa at the same time, things get a bit more difficult. Focus on Napa while Goku keeps Vegeta occupied. Defense is key here, as you need to make sure you don’t take much damage because you’ll still need to fight Vegeta once Napa is down. 

If Napa glows purple or red, quickly move away from him. Try to keep a continuous flow of combos going and use throws if Napa starts to block too much. Finish as many combos as you can with Super Attacks and Ultimate Attacks to maximize your damage. 

With Napa down, turn your attention toward Vegeta. With any luck, Goku will have taken quite a bit of Vegeta’s health. If not, you’re in for a defensive battle. Either way, move away from Vegeta if he glows any color. While you can interrupt some of his attacks with throws or even attacks of your own, the risk is not worth it, especially with your health likely depleted from the battle against Napa. Attack as ferociously as you can until you see Vegeta glow, then back away and repeat the process until he’s down. Don’t rely on Goku to finish the job. He may perform well for you, but you can’t rely on that. 

Final Step 

Once you’re back in Tokitoki City, finish the cinematic with Trunks, then exit to the main menu. When you start the game again, you’ll have the option to join a Multi Lobby, which allows you to not only play with and against other people, but also interact with them inside Tokitoki City. 

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