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Dragon Ball Xenoverse – How to Level Up Your Character

by Bryan Dawson

As you play through missions and quests in Dragon Ball Xenoverse, you will earn points that can be used to increase your character’s stats. There are six stats you can modify: Max Health, Max Ki, Max Stamina, Basic Attacks, Strike Supers and Ki Blast Supers. Join us as we detail what these stats mean, and how you should level up your character to best complement your fighting style.

Max Health

You can never go wrong with an increase to your maximum health. However, unless you plan on pouring quite a few points into the Max Health category, it may not be worth it for your character. Saiyans start with lower health than other races, so increasing their Max Health stat will help them survive longer in a battle. Namekians have higher health than other races, so Max Health isn’t as important unless you’re looking to create a character that has so much health it’s hard to considerably damage them. Keep in mind that if you go that route, you’ll likely suffer low attack damage as a tradeoff. 

The Majin race has higher defense, which means health isn’t as important, but similar to the Namekian race, it can still be beneficial depending on your play style. It’s not as important as it is to a Saiyan, but you can essentially build a tank-like character with high defense and high health. You will likely have to sacrifice attack damage to get your health high enough to make a significant impact, especially at higher levels. 

Max Ki 

If your fighting style revolves around using attacks that drain your Ki meter, this is one of the main stats you should focus on. The more Ki you have, the more Super Attacks you can perform and the more versatile your character will be if you rely on Ki-based techniques. If you’re more of a melee fighter and don’t use your Super Attacks as often, this isn’t a stat that you need to focus on much. In addition, if you’re an Earthling your Ki refills over time, which means that having more Ki is not as beneficial as it is for other races. 

Max Stamina 

Stamina governs a great deal of abilities in Dragon Ball Xenoverse, and is almost always a good stat to put at least a few points towards. While you don’t need to focus heavily on Max Stamina, there aren’t many reasons to ignore this category. Your best course of action is to put at least 20 percent of your points into the Max Stamina category. 

Namekians have the ability to replenish stamina faster than other races, so it may not be necessary to use more than 20 percent of your points in this category unless you want a near endless amount of stamina. The Majin race has lower stamina recovery, meaning you may want to put a lot of points into the Max Stamina category to help balance out this deficiency. 

Basic Attacks 

How many points you apply to the Basic Attack category will depend on your fighting style during combat. If you favor melee combos, increasing your Basic Attack stat will be a great benefit to you. However, if you use more Ki-based attacks or focus on Super and Ultimate Attacks, you may only want to put a few points into this category. Either way, you’re going to use Basic Attacks in virtually all battles, so putting a few points into this category won’t hurt. 

Strike Supers

It’s tough to win battles in Dragon Ball Xenoverse without using multiple Super Attacks. If you favor Strike Supers (generally short-range attacks) to Ki Blast Supers (long-range), put a lot of points into this category to increase their damage. If you’re new to the game, you may want to hold off on putting points into Strike Supers until you determine which Super Attacks you prefer. 

Ki Blast Supers 

The most common Super Attacks in Xenoverse are Ki Blast Supers. These are Super Attacks that can be used from a distance, and you’ll see them used heavily in ranked matches and online play. If you favor Ki Blast Super Attacks over Strike Supers, put your points into this category to maximize their damage. If you haven’t yet decided which Super Attacks you wish to equip, you may want to hold off on applying points to this category. 

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