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Dragon Ball Xenoverse – How to Level Up Fast, Over 70,000 XP, Level 80

by Bryan Dawson

There are eight character slots in Dragon Ball Xenoverse, and that means you can have a bunch of different characters to play with. Unfortunately, that also means you have to level up each new character you create. The level cap in Xenoverse is 80, which takes some time to reach no matter how good you are at the game. Our beginner and advanced tips will help you, but there’s only so much you can do. Luckily we streamlined the leveling process for you so that you can cut down the leveling time as much as possible.

With all of your characters leveled up, head over to our advanced combat tactics article to get the best strategies for multiplayer battles!

Your First Character

The first time you level up a character you won’t have access to all of the Parallel Quests to help you level up. Your best bet is to play through the main story missions by speaking with Trunks and making your way through the portal in the upper right corner of the Plaza of Time in Tokitoki City. As you complete story missions you’ll unlock Parallel Quests that you should also play through.

By the time you’ve completed the main story mode and all of the Parallel Quests, you’ll be very close to the level cap if you haven’t already reached it. It’s a long process, but you only have to do it once. After completing the story missions and Parallel Quests the first time, every other character will be much easier to level up.

All Other Characters

Once you’ve leveled up your first character and hopefully completed the story mode and most (if not all) of the Parallel Quests, it’s time to level another character. This time around things are considerably easier. With all of the Parallel Quests unlocked, take your newly created character and play through Parallel Quest #53.

This is arguably one of the easiest quests in the game and it nets you tens of thousands of experience points based on the rank you receive at the end of the mission. For most players it should be difficult to earn a rank of at least B, which will give you about 30,000 or 40,000 experience points. At level one that’s enough experience points to get you up to level 15 or even as high as level 20 if you rank high enough.

The quest asks you to collect three Dragon Balls, and gives you Broly as opposition. Collect the first Dragon Ball and you’ll get some help that will keep Broly occupied while you collect the other two. Head back to the time machine to complete the mission. When everything is said and done, it should take less than one minute to complete the quest.

When you reappear in Tokitoki City, make your way back to the Parallel Quest counter to repeat the quest again. In some cases it takes longer to start the quest again than it does to actually complete the quest. You should be able to hit the level cap in a single day with only a few hours of playing through Parallel Quest #53.

At higher levels you can change from Parallel Quest #53 to Parallel Quest #52. This quest is just as easy as the previously mentioned quest, but it nets about double the experience points. Unfortunately, it’s more difficult to complete with a lower level character.

Once you reach around level 30 or 40 (depending on your skill), you can try your hand at Parallel Quest #52. The best course of action here is to equip Death Ball or Supernova and just use them continuously until the quest has been completed. You can fight normally as well, but using these Ultimate Attacks repeatedly is generally the fastest method to a victory.

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