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Dragon Ball Xenoverse – Frieza Race Tips and Tricks – Fight Like Cooler

by Bryan Dawson

Of the five races you can play as in Dragon Ball Xenoverse, the Frieza race was arguably the most highly anticipated. This was mainly because it’s rare that Dragon Ball fans get to play as a member of the Frieza race, let alone someone other than Frieza and Cooler. There was also a lot of mystery surrounding how the Frieza race would play, but if you read our Race Comparison article, you received a quick overview of what to expect. Now we can delve a bit deeper and take a closer look at what the Frieza race has to offer.

Race Overview

The Frieza race is not for beginners. This is mainly because they excel in movement speed. They are the fastest characters in the game, and their speed increases even more when their health drops below 50 percent. This is balanced by the fact that they have lower attack power than any other race, which makes them not only difficult to control, but also difficult to score KOs with.

On the bright side, their standard Ki blast paralyzes enemies, but shoots a little slower than the typical Ki blast. If you connect the Ki blast it can lead to some devastating combos, but it will be difficult to do against a skilled opponent. However, once you have a good understanding on the combat system in Xenoverse, the Frieza race can be extremely formidable.


  • Fast movement speed
  • Ki blast stuns target

The Frieza race has two main strengths: movement speed and a Ki blast that stuns. The increased movement speed allows them to run circles around most opponents, especially when their health is below 50 percent, causing an additional increase in movement speed. However, it doesn’t help as much as you would think, especially against Super and Ultimate Attacks that stun or track your character, making them near impossible to avoid with movement speed alone.

To make the most of the increased movement speed, use quick dashes into throws and basic attack combos. Your increased movement speed makes it difficult for most opponents to react, especially if you dash into an immediate throw or combo. Always stay on the move, using Jump Cancel and Step Cancel combos to stay on the offensive for as long as possible.

Once you’ve exhausted your offense, dash away from your opponent and fire off a Ki blast immediately. If you can connect with the Ki blast, you’ll stun the opponent, allowing you to go right back on the offensive. The Frieza race’s Ki blast also comes in handy during team battles. Wait for a teammate to distract an opponent, then use a Ki blast to hit them while they’re occupied. This even works well to save a teammate when they’re being attacked.


  • Low attack power
  • Ki blast is slow to execute

Low attack power is the only significant weakness of the Frieza race. While their Ki blast is also slow to execute, that can be compensated by attacking an enemy when they’re distracted or not expecting a Ki blast. The only way to get around your low attack power is to use skill points to compensate as you level up, or use items and Z-Souls to boost your attack power. It’s important to increase your character’s attack power in some manner, because the speed boost of the Frieza race won’t win you any matches by itself.

Leveling Recommendations

Max Health (optional) – This is a purely optional stat for the Frieza race. While more health is always helpful, the Frieza starts with average health, which is more than enough to stay alive in a fire fight. Still, if you find yourself dying more often than not, a few points placed into the Max Health category can go a long way.

Max Ki (10 percent) – The Frieza race has a Ki blast that paralyzes an opponent. This means you’ll use Ki blasts more often than you would with other races, especially during team battles. Having more Ki will help you use your Ki blast more often. However, if you find yourself not utilizing the Ki blast much, there’s no need to put more than 10 percent of your points into this category.

Max Stamina (20 percent) – Stamina is always good, especially considering the Frieza race has low attack power and therefore may take some time to KO an opponent. The more Stamina you have, the more you can use Vanish and other evasive abilities to avoid taking damage.

Basic Attacks (30 percent) – With lower attack power and faster movement speed, it’s important to put points into the Basic Attacks category. You can use the enhanced movement speed of the race to quickly move into basic attack range and start your offense. This makes basic attacks very important to the Frieza race, and you need to compensate for the lower attack power as well.

Strike/Ki Blast Supers (optional) – The mindset here is similar to that of the Basic Attack category. You need to put points here to compensate for the low attack power of the Frieza race. Determine which type of Super Attack you prefer and focus your points into that one category to maximize your damage and compensate for the race’s weakness.

If you’re having trouble scoring wins with the Frieza race, you may want to switch over to an easier race. The Namekian, Earthling and Majin race all offer abilities that cater well to newer players.

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