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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – Shenron Wishes, Unlock Hit, Eis, Nuova, Omega Shenron

by Bryan Dawson

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – Shenron Wishes, Unlock Hit, Eis, Nuova, Omega Shenron

When you summon Shenron in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 you get a set of wishes, but it can be difficult to understand what rewards you get for each wish. This article covers each wish, giving you a proper explanation of what you receive from each Shenron wish in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

Making wishes also allows you to unlock Hit, Eis, Nuova, and Omega Shenron. If you select the wish, “I want more usable characters” you will first unlock Hit from Dragon Ball Super. Once you have Hit as a playable character, making that same wish again gives you a choice between Eis and Nuova, the Black Dragons from Dragon Ball GT.

If you select that wish a third time, you can select whichever character you didn’t pick the first time, between Eis and Nuova. Finally, selecting the wish one more time will allow you to unlock Omega Shenron from Dragon Ball GT.

If you’re looking for how to unlock transformations, such as Super Saiyan, we’ve got those details for you as well. Of course, you need the Dragon Balls to make your wish, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered with a quick and easy way to do that as well.

After completing a good number of Guru missions you will unlock an additional four wishes (the last four in the chart below).

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Shenron Wish List

Wish Reward
I Want Money! Zeni (currency)
I Want a Rare Item! Goodie Radish accessory
I Want to Dress Up! Crystal Battle Suit Outfit
I Want to Get Stronger! Six Echo Soul devices (used to mix Super Souls)
I Want to Grow! Gain one full level
I Want a New Ultimate Attack! Unlock one new Ultimate Attack
I Want A New Super Attack! Unlock one new Super Attack
I Want More Usable Characters! Unlock Hit from DB Super, then the Black Dragons, Eis, Nuova and Omega Shenron.
I Want a Second Chance At Life! Reset all character stat points.
I Want to be Drop-Dead Gorgeous! Reset your character’s appearance.
I Want Medals! TP Medals
I Want to Dress Up More! Turtle Hermit Set (Roshi Attire)
I Want Another Super Attack! Unlock Dragon Flash Bullet Attack (First Unlock)
I Want Another New Ultimate Attack! Unlock Minus Energy Ball Attack
I Want A Full Stomach 30 Pudding Pieces (Feed to Buu)


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