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Dragon Ball FighterZ Player Skills

by Bryan Dawson

As you play through the Dragon Ball FighterZ story mode, you’ll unlock new Player Skills. These Player Skills give you various bonuses that you can equip. However, you can only equip up to three Player Skills at a time, and with 80 to choose from you’re going to need to determine which Player Skills are the best. This article covers all of the Dragon Ball FighterZ Player Skills and which ones you should be focusing on as you play through story mode.

Player Skills

  • Levels 1-3 Unlocked in Normal Mode
  • Levels 4-6 Unlocked in Hard Mode

There are 80 Player Skills that are unlocked as you complete various matches in story mode. Most skills have six levels, with higher levels offering a bigger bonus for that specific skill. For example, the Special Attack Power Up Level 3 will give you a bigger damage boost than the Level 1 version of the Player Skill. You can also obtain up to three of each level of Player Skill, which means if you have three Special Attack Power Up Level 3 Player Skills, you can equip all three for a huge boost to your special attack and super attack damage.

If you play through story mode on the normal difficulty you will only get Player Skills up to Level 3. You will need to change the difficulty to hard if you want to unlock Player Skills that are Level 4-6. The hard difficulty can get pretty tough, so make sure you always have the maximum number of characters on your team, and you’re constantly swapping them out and keeping them leveled up.

Best Player Skills

  • Victory Zeni Up
  • Opponent Level Down
  • Defense Up
  • Victory Health Recovery
  • Partial Drain

The best Player Skills depend on what your goal is. If you’re just looking to earn as much Zeni as possible, you’ll want to equip Victory Zeni Up Player Skills. If the CPU opponents are taking you out quickly, you’ll want to equip the Opponent Level Down or Defense Up Player Skills. Health Up is generally not as beneficial because the higher level CPU opponents will inflict so much damage the additional health won’t last long.

Health Regeneration is also a good Player Skill if you can make the fights last for awhile. However, this also succumbs to high damage CPU combos since the regeneration speed is relatively slow. This is effective when playing on the normal difficulty or in early battles on the hard difficulty.

If you find yourself with characters who have low health, you can swap them out, or if you want to keep them in you can equip the Victory Health Recovery and Partial Drain Player Skills. These both combine well with the Health Regeneration Player Skill to keep your characters alive and healthy without having to worry about swapping characters all the time.

All Player Skills

Player Skill Effect
Assist Fill Rate Up Assists are available at a faster pace (down time is reduced).
Attack Power Up Increases normal attack damage.
Battle Time Limit Up Increases the time limit for battles.
Defense Up Lowers the amount of damage opponents inflict.
Health Regeneration Health is slowly replenished during battles.
Health Up Increases maximum health for all active characters.
Ki Charge Each fight begins with your Ki gauge partially filled.
Ki Fill Rate Up Increases how fast your Ki gauge fills.
Opponent Level Down Lowers the level of the CPU opponents, making the battle easier and reducing rewards.
Opponent Level Up Increases the level of the CPU opponents, making the battle harder and rewards better.
Partial Drain A small portion of damage is replenished as health.
Sp. Attack Power Up Increases special and super attack damage.
Victory EXP Up Increases the amount of experience points earned after winning a battle.
Victory Health Recovery Up Increases the amount of health replenished after winning a battle.
Victory Zeni Up Increases the amount of Zeni earned after winning a battle.

For more strategies and advice, including how to earn Zeni fast, be sure to check out our Dragon Ball FighterZ game hub!

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