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Dragon Ball FighterZ Online Ranks and Colors

by Prima Games Staff

Dragon Ball FighterZ Online Ranks and Colors

Now that Dragon Ball FighterZ has been out for a little bit, people are starting to jump into ranked matches and climb to the top. This has caused some people who ask about online ranks in Dragon Ball FighterZ, as well as the rank color icons next to your name in the lobbies.

The colored square in Dragon Ball FighterZ is probably one of the most baffling things to new players. But fear not, this article covers Dragon Ball FighterZ online ranks, rank colors, how much BP you need to reach each rank, and what the rank names are. Of course, as new online ranks or colored squares are revealed, we’ll be sure to update this list so stay tuned, but for now, here’s all of the Dragon Ball FighterZ ranks as we take a closer look at the DBFZ rank system!

Your rank in Dragon Ball FighterZ increases as you gain Battle Points or BP. Wins will increase your BP, while losses will generally lower your BP. However, if you lose to someone who has a much higher BP, you may still gain a small number of points due to the large difference in skill. Likewise, if you lose to someone of much lower BP, you will lose a lot more BP than you would if you lose to someone closer to your rank.

Let’s take a look at where the current ranks sit and how much BP you need for each. Please note that new ranks will be added in a free content update coming around October 2018. Once those new ranks are in, we’ll be updating this table with the additional ranks. As far as we know, all of the new ranks will be at the top of the chart, above Living Legend.

Rank BP Range
Living Legend 1,000,000+
Super Saiyan Blue 900,000 – 999,999
Super Saiyan God 800,000 – 899,999
Majin 700,000 – 799,999
Super Saiyan 3 600,000 – 699,999
Demon 500,000 – 599,999
Supreme Kai 400,000 – 499,999
Super Saiyan 2 330,000 – 399,999
Android 270,000 – 329,999
Super Saiyan 220,000 – 269,999
Frieza Clan 170,000 – 219,999 
Saiyan 120,000 – 169,999
Namekian 70,000 – 119,999
Earthling 30,000 – 69,999
Saibaman 0 – 29,999

Dragon Ball FighterZ Rank Colors

You may have noticed that each lobby avatar has a little colored square to the left of the name. This is essentially your threat level and should be considered another way to determine someone’s skill. We’re still working out the exact math behind what determines your threat color, but here’s what we know so far.

Everyone starts with a grey color. This essentially means there’s not enough data to determine your threat level. After 30 total matches (ranked, casual or arena) most players will be given the middle color rank, which is Yellow-Green (looks like bright green). If you have an exceptional record you may jump to a higher color. From there you will move up in color as you win matches, and move down as you lose matches. For most players with a good win/loss record, after your initial 30 matches you will move up to the next color once you hit 50 matches. However, if you lose repeatedly it won’t take 50 matches to move down a color.

Wins and losses aren’t the only factor in determining your color rank. Win percentage and what ranks and threat levels you’re winning and losing against will also help to determine your color rank. For example, if you’re a Red color rank and lose 7 out of 10 matches to an Orange or even another Red color rank, there’s a good chance you’ll drop from Red to Orange. You can still move back up by winning more, or move down further by losing more.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Rank Colors

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