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Dragon Ball FighterZ – Best Assists

by Bryan Dawson

As a three on three fighting game, Dragon Ball FighterZ requires players to learn more than one character, but also learn which characters have the best assists. Having a good assist on your team is just as impactful as having good characters on your squad. To make sure people have the best assists, we’ve put together this handy little article. Here we’ll discuss the best assists in Dragon Ball FighterZ so you can quickly and easily determine which assists will work best for your team.

Best Assists

While some assists are better than others, there’s not really a flat out best assist because how good an assist is depends on your team and how well the assist works with the rest of your team. Sometimes a great assist won’t work as well for the needs of your team. Below you’ll find what most would consider to be the best assists in the game for most teams, but that doesn’t mean it will be the best for your specific team. Try out these assists to see how well they fit on your team!


  • Galactic Donuts

At first glance Gotenks may seem like just another Saiyan, but his attacks make him stand out from the rest of his race. In fact, the Galactic Donut is one of the best assists in the game. Gotenks comes out and wraps a donut-like energy rod around the opponent. The attack will track wherever the opponent was at when Gotenks was called. If it connects, the opponent is held in place for a short time, allowing the point character to do whatever they please.

Kid Buu

  • Ball Attack

If the initial hit of the Ball Attack makes contact with the opponent (even if it’s blocked), it circles around them several times. This gives your point character plenty of time to start a mix-up or keep a combo going. It’s similar to a beam assist, but it doesn’t knock the opponent away and instead keeps them in relatively the same place. This makes it easier to convert into a combo if the assist hits.


  • Aerial Consecutive Energy Blast

Vegeta’s assist comes in from above and shoots multiple ki blasts at a downward angle. This works very well to keep an opponent in place long enough for you to continue a combo or start a mix-up on the opponent. The best part about this assist is that it works well whether it hits or the opponent blocks. If it hits, you can go right into a combo. If it’s blocked, the opponent will be forced to remain idle for the duration of the assist while you perform a mix-up or two to hopefully open them up and start a combo.


  • Wolf Fang Dash

Yamcha’s assist is a great tool in forcing a mix-up. If you can make an opponent block the assist they are stuck in a blocking animation for longer than almost any other assist in the game. You have plenty of time to instant air dash to the other side for a cross-up mix-up, move in for an overhead/low mix-up or pretty much anything you want to do. The assist lasts the same amount of time if it hits, giving you plenty of time to extend a combo with almost anything. It doesn’t have the range of some of the projectile assists, but it more than makes up for that with the added utility.


  • Senzu Beam
  • Rock Throw

Krillin’s assist is either a senzu bean or a rock throw.  He starts out throwing up to three senzu beans if you characters have any blue health that can be regenerated. If you collect the senzu beam, it will replenish all of your blue health. However, the opposing team can also pick up the senzu bean so make sure you collect it first. To help with this, Krillin throws it at you.

Once Krillin’s senzu beans run out he throws rocks toward the opponent, which can be used to stop them in their tracks for a very brief moment, or even extend combos. While the rock throw isn’t bad, Krillin makes the list because of his ability to heal teammates, something very few characters can do. If you’re in a bad situation, Krillin’s assist might just be enough to save one of your characters.

Android 18

  • Barrier

The barrier assist is one of the best in the game because it absorbs all attacks that come in contact with it while the barrier is active, and gives you additional meter in the process. If you time this assist call well, you can nullify an opponent’s attack and punish them for even trying to hit you. However, if you call the assist at a bad time it won’t have any impact on the match and you’ll have to wait for it to recover.

SSB Vegeta

  • Big Bang Attack

While the Big Bang Attack assist is a little limited in its trajectory and startup time, it makes up for that with an active hitbox on SSB Vegeta before he even launches the Big Bang Attack. Most other assist characters can be hit with ease as they’re coming in, never using their assist attack. It’s much harder to hit SSB Vegeta before he unleashes the Big Bang Attack because he has an active hitbox as soon as he starts the attack, before it actually shoots. This means he will hit any opponent that comes in contact with him as soon as the energy starts to appear on his hand.

Explosive Assists

  • Frieza
  • Trunks
  • Nappa

Explosive assists are basically any assist that features a large explosion. While these work to stop an opponent in their tracks, and can even lead to a combo under the right circumstances, they also work as a diversion. If you go for a mix-up just as the explosion hits, it will block the screen so the opponent will have a hard time seeing the characters, and an even harder time blocking whatever mix-up you’re going for. Trunks moves out to almost the middle of the screen before initiating his blast, so be careful when using it. Frieza, Nappa and 16 all stay back while blasting the opponent of the middle of the screen (whichever is closer), staying much safer.

Beam Assists

  • Goku
  • Goku Black
  • Tien

If you’ve played Marvel vs. Capcom you probably already know how good beam assists can be. They cover the entire horizontal length of the screen and will keep an opponent blocking for a short time so you can perform a mix-up. If you have two beam assist characters on your team, you can keep an opponent locked down for a good amount of time while you perform mix-up after mix-up. Tien’s beam assist isn’t quite as lengthy as Goku and Goku Black, but it still has the same general effect.

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