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DOOM Eternal Samuel Hayden Voice Actor

by Nicholas Barth

There is an array of exciting characters that exist in the world of DOOM Eternal. One of these characters is the infamous Samuel Hayden, who serves as somewhat of an ally and enemy of the Slayer. Samuel Hayden is voiced by a talented voice actor who is a member of the impressive group that brought the characters of the latest entry in the iconic franchise to life. Fortunately, we have the voice actor for this character covered for you.

DOOM Eternal Samuel Hayden Voice Actor

This voice actor of Samuel Hayden is Darin De Paul, who returned to play the character following his role as the robotic individual in the title’s predecessor. Players will have no doubt heard of Paul’s work in other titles considering he is Reinhardt in Overwatch, J. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man for the PS4, and is the man behind the Hulk in the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers video game. 

Doom Eternal Samuel Hayden Voice Actor

(photo courtesy of IMDb)

Samuel Hayden became a fan-favorite character of players thanks to the excellent voice actor performance of Darin De Paul, who was able to create a truly unique and exciting character to interact with the Slayer throughout his battles. 

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