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DOOM Eternal Release Date – When Will This Drop?

by Ginny Woo

As DOOM Eternal fans, we’re gunning into a very exciting end of the month of March when it comes to what videogames have to offer. Established franchises like Persona 5 and Animal Crossing all have additions to the mainline stream of titles coming, and it’s easy to get one or two of your anticipated releases lost in all the buzz. However, with a sea of titles also suffering from delays or changes to releases, we get it if you’ve been a little worried about changes to the DOOM Eternal release date. Here’s what we know now. 

DOOM Eternal Release Date – When Will This Drop?

With a bunch of delays announced recently and a whole lot of hullabaloo about crunch and titles in general, it’s easy to buy into the panic and to wonder whether or not your favorite video games are going to get pushed back. However, we’re here to put all those fears to rest. Much like there’s been no word about Animal Crossing: New Horizons being pushed back, it looks like DOOM Eternal is on track to keep its original launch date as well. Per the official DOOM Eternal Twitter account, the DOOM Eternal release date looks like it’s going to remain March 20, 2020. Yes, that’s right. We’ve got about a week to go until we can be The Slayer again, and we absolutely can’t wait.

There’s a whole lot of stuff that’s tied into the launch of DOOM Eternal – it’s far more than just the game itself. We’re talking stuff like Dungeons & Dragons tie-ins that feature Matthew Mercer and other celebrities from Critical Role, as per this tweet about a one-shot being run in the lead-up to the release date for the latest DOOM. It’s definitely grown past its already-iconic status as one of the best shooters ever, and we can’t wait to see how it finally plays when it lands in the hot little hands of the Prima team. 

Now that you’ve got our DOOM Eternal release date guide in hand, you should be a little relieved that at this stage, there aren’t any major cancellations or delays that are anticipated. Judging by what the game looks like currently in motion from previews that are out, we’re pretty stoked about what’s going to arrive for us on March 20, 2020. Need a hand with anything else related to the demons of Hell or just DOOM Eternal in general? Why don’t you check out these tips and tricks that we’ve prepared for you in our dedicated guides hub for the title?


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