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DOOM Eternal Enemy Types

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve never taken on a demon from Hell before, then DOOM Eternal is probably going to be the most intense experience of your March 2020 (except for the land wars with Tom Nook in Animal Crossing, but we’ll get to those another time). With DOOM Eternal, you can expect to see all sorts of deadly and misshapen foes swarming together to end your life, but if this is your absolute first time, then it can all get a bit overwhelming. We can help you identify some of them and how best to dispose of them with our DOOM Eternal enemy types guide.

DOOM Eternal Enemy Types

Sure, you might be a veteran of the DOOM series and already practiced when it comes to fighting against various enemies in which case, good for you! However, if you’re not someone who’s entirely made their peace with the various skulls that need cracking in a truly apocalyptic world, then you might find it difficult to identify and to take down the literal demons that want to do you in. We’ve gone ahead and done you a solid by making a list of the DOOM Eternal enemy types that you can encounter as well as a couple of tips on them in case you’re not sure how to take them down or where you might expect to run into them:

  • Arch-vile – this enemy can call on adds to help, so make sure that you prioritize it when you see it
  • Archnotron – if you hate spiders, we have bad news, but disarm them quickly for success
  • Cacodemon – gigantic flying eyes are awful but weak to Ballista and explosions
  • Carcass – use your Plasma Rifle and Blood Punch to take out these foes specifically
  • Cyber Mancubus – don’t let all the nuts and bolts fool you, use Blood Punch on him and he can explode when killed sometimes
  • Dread Knight – stun the Dread Knight to win, we recommend the Chaingun
  • Gargoyle – it shoots fireballs and flies, which sucks
  • Imp – you’ll see heaps of these but they’re easy enough to deal with if you have bullets and avoid the fireballs
  • Lost Soul – use Ice Bombs on these particular enemies
  • Mancubus – if you get a Glory Kill on one of these, there’ll be an explosion
  • Maykr Drones – aim for the head for best results
  • Pain Elemental – turn the Ballista on these enemies to win
  • Pinky – flank them or catch them from behind if you’re wanting quicker kills
  • Revenant – we weren’t big fans of bones, and this one is worse because it shoots out rockets
  • Soldiers – you can take down Soldiers with Blood Punch pretty easily
  • Zombie – cannon fodder, please make sure you can handle these before progressing

Now that you’ve got our list of the DOOM Eternal enemy types that will be kicking around Hell and beyond, it’s going to be a little bit easier for you to make absolute mincemeat out of them before they dig their infernal claws into you. Need a hand with anything else in DOOM Eternal? Check out this list of tips and tricks that we’ve prepared for players like you in our dedicated guides hub for the game:


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