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DOOM Eternal DOOM Hunter Boss Guide

by Nicholas Barth

There is a variety of bosses that players battle in the world of DOOM Eternal. One of these formidable members of the legion of Hell is the Hunter, who is designed to kill the Slayer. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to take down this particular boss covered for you. 

DOOM Eternal DOOM Hunter Boss Guide

One of the most critical aspects of the Hunter boss fight that players need to be aware of is the shield of the HUnter. This shield must first be taken down if the player wants to do any damage to the health of this boss. Any weapon can take the protection down, but the Plasma Rifle is the strongest when it comes to taking down the shield the fastest.

There are also plenty of additional enemies that will be looking to devour your flesh. These other enemies will be dishing out a ton of enemy fire towards you, which means you will need to always be on the move and doing your best to take these enemies down while also dealing damage to the Hunter boss if you wish to survive. Standing still will spell your demise. 

 Doom Eternal Doom Hunter Boss Guide

There is three of this same enemy that players will have to take down. The first area will have you going up against one of these bosses with the second area having the final two Hunter bosses trying to kill you. 

Combining rapid movement and accurate aim towards the Hunter boss and the additional enemies will be your best bet for surviving this specific boss fight. We recommended utilizing the rocket launcher and grande launcher on your shotgun to deal out the most damage the fastest to burn down the health of the Hunter boss at the most efficient rate. 

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