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DOOM Eternal Battlemode Multiplayer – What Is It?

by Ginny Woo

It’s not all about the killer soundtrack and the next chronicle of DOOM guy’s adventures in DOOM Eternal that really carries the experience for players. No, we’re talking about one fundamental aspect to ripping and tearing that makes it twice as fun (or three times as fun in certain game modes). Speaking of game modes, we’re talking a pretty unique one that we’ve been raving about for a bit now – the DOOM Eternal Battlemode. Not sure what it is? We’ve got an explainer below.

DOOM Eternal Battlemode Multiplayer – What Is It?

So, if you’re someone who always guns for the Multiplayer options whenever you pick up a new game, then we honestly don’t expect you to treat DOOM Eternal any differently. In fact, we’re counting on you not doing so, because DOOM Eternal has one of the coolest multiplayer modes that we’ve gotten our mitts on in a while. Yes, we’re talking about Battlemode. What makes Battlemode so good, you might ask? Well, it’s a three person game mode where two people play as demons and one plays as the Doom Slayer. The objectives for both teams are simple: take each other out to be the last creature standing. If you’re playing as Doom Slayer, you have to kill both the demons to win, and you have to kill them fairly quickly one after another or the first one that you dispatch will respawn. 

Here’s a little more about the DOOM Eternal Battlemode option for those who aren’t familiar with its setup:

  • Each match goes for three rounds
  • You can improve your character between rounds
  • Doom Slayer players will have a full arsenal of weapons and upgrades
  • Demons will use special abilities which include ones unique to the type of Demon that they’re playing
    • Revenant: jet pack demon
    • Pain Elemental: can fly and hurts up close
    • Mancubus: has rocket launchers
    • Marauder: is pretty speedy
    • Archvile: sets stuff on fire and summons adds

As you can note above, the fact that players who are on Team Demon can access various abilities unique to enemies in the game is both a blessing and a curse. Sure, an Archvile is tough to handle but we reckon by the time that players really crack into DOOM Eternal Battlemode, they’ll probably already have taken down one or two while cracking through the story. If players are smart about using the Demons’ skills then we reckon that they could easily take an overconfident Doom Slayer, though the fact that Slayers get all upgrades and abilities from the word “go” will help even the odds. In any regard, it is a high-octane, incredibly tense multiplayer mode that we reckon you’ll love!

Now that you’ve got our DOOM Eternal Battlemode multiplayer guide to help you, it should be slightly easier to ensure that you’re getting the one-up on your opponents regardless of which side the game has you batting for from match to match. Do you need help with anything else in DOOM Eternal or just to do with wading through a hellscape of enemies? Check out the variety of tips and tricks that we’ve prepared for slayers like you in our dedicated guides hub for this game: