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Does Wild Hearts have Haptic Feedback? – Answered

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by Patrick Souza

Haptic Feedback is a common immersion feature in games to help enhance the overall gaming experience, and most releases nowadays include it in some way or another, usually automatically enabled. And one would expect that titles like Wild Hearts are just perfect for implementing the feature with so many experiences such as slashing through a giant Kemono, walking, or crafting your tools. Does it have haptics, though?

Does Wild Hearts Have Haptic Feedback? – Answered

Haptic feedback is indeed included in Wild Hearts, as you can likely assume. A PlayStation Blog official post went as far as advising it as one of the main features, presenting enhanced sensations for the most mundane of experiences, from opening a wooden gate to pulling your bowstrings at your target. 

But that’s not quite how players have been reporting it to be, especially on PlayStation 5. You won’t have much problem finding people complaining about the haptic feedback being practically nonexistent in Wild Hearts. Most have pointed out that you can definitely feel something else when dealing the final blow to your target, but this is such as brief and rare moment that it ends up being almost irrelevant.

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But it’s not like developers were outright lying when promoting the game, and those missing haptic feedback moments are most likely just another member in the Wild Hearts problems club, which seems to go a long way. This is the main thing currently holding off the game from being a true rival to Monster Hunter, but it seems that developers have been keeping an eye on these problems, and a bug-fixing patch should be released soon.

But in summary, the game does support haptics, but they may not be experienced fully due to bugs and other internal problems which should be solved in no time. So if you’re a PS5 player, you might have to wait just a little bit more before feeling like a true Kemono hunter in the lands of Azuma.

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