Does Whistle Sprinting Still Work in Tears of the Kingdom?

Can you still pull off this popular speedrunning strat?

If you’ve paid any attention to the speedrunning scene in Breath of the Wild, you’ve likely heard the term Whistle Sprinting once or twice before. Basically, by holding down on the D-Pad while rapidly pressing the B button to sprint, Link could rip across the lands of Hyrule without burning a single sliver of stamina. While slightly uncomfortable to perform, this tactic became one of the most widely known and used glitches in the processor to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Now that we’ve arrived once more in the land of Hyrule, did this glitch come along with, or was it left on the dressing room floor before Link’s big new debut?

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Can You Still Whistle Sprint In Tears Of The Kingdom?

It seems that the developers caught wind of this tactic, as it is no longer possible to perform the Whistle Sprint while playing Tears of the Kingdom. After trying to perform this trick, I thought I was maybe a little rusty, so I booted up BOTW once again to see if I could nail this trick. Worked like a charm in old faithful, but no such luck in TOTK.

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So, it seems the development team at Nintendo really was looking to get rid of as many bugs and issues as possible before letting Link hit the ground running in this new adventure. While this may be upsetting to those that used the trick, there are plenty of new moves you can use to get around faster than you could have ever imagined. Take our word for it, attach a Minecart to your Shield at your earliest convenience to see what we’re talking about. The Zonai must have really liked Tony Hawk Pro Skater, or this wouldn’t be possible.

If you’re ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime, make sure that you’re checking out our Tears of the Kingdom section below for plenty of helpful tips and tricks that will guide you along the way on this massive new adventure.

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