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Who Are the Zonai in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom? – Answered

Another mystery to solve.

by Jesse Vitelli

The Legend of Zelda has plenty of magical creatures, ancient races, and deep lore hidden beneath the surface. One race, the Zonai, has garnered much more attention than other mysteries in The Legend of Zelda universe. This ancient race has been a hot topic of discussion amongst theory crafters and speculators since the release of Breath of The Wild. So who are the Zonai in Tears of the Kingdom? Let’s talk about that answer below.

Who Are the Zonai in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom? – Answered

Very little is actually known about The Zonai. We know they are an ancient race that predates the events of Breath of The Wild and Tears of the Kingdom. We know that they worship the water dragon as depicted in their statues and ruins found around Hyrule, and we know that they were located in the Faron area.

They are a prehistoric tribe, most commonly depicted as barbarians, most accurately seen in the Barbarian Armor Set you can obtain in Breath of The Wild, which talks a little bit about the Zonai.

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In the gameplay demonstration for Tears of the Kingdom, we saw two important pieces of the Zonai puzzle that led fans to believe there is more to see. Link picks up an item called a Zonai charge, which we don’t know exactly what it’s used for yet, but it is, in fact, related to the Zonai. We also see the same dragon iconography on the giant platform Link is standing on. This looks identical to the Zonai ruins found in Faron in Breath of The Wild.

Zonai is an anagram in Japanese for the word “Mystery,” and boy, is this race a mystery.

While we don’t know more about the Zonai yet, we’re hopefully going to see them or stories related to their mysterious disappearance in Tears of the Kingdom. For more information on The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, stay right here.

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