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Does Tears of the Kingdom have Weapon Durability? – Answered

If it ain't broke.

by Kara Phillips

The anticipated release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is bound to spark conversation among players about what to expect, and which features they want to carry over from Breath of the Wild. While there are many new mechanics to sit back and explore as you embark on yet another adventure through Hyrule, there are several familiar mechanics players have been eager to learn about, with one of the hottest topics being weapon durability and whether or not players can expect to face the same frustration within the newest installment.

Does Tears of the Kingdom have Weapon Durability?

Much like its predecessor, Breath of the Wild, Tears of the Kingdom will feature weapon durability, so if you’re among the crowd hoping this feature was removed — you’re all out of luck. Each weapon you collect within the game will break after a while, so be sure to save your strongest for the battles that really count. In addition, every weapon has unique durability, so things like tree branches and beginner weapons are bound to break faster than those you gather once you start exploring. As you start out, the first few weapons you pick up may feel reliable, but it’s best to upgrade if and when you can so you’re not stuck in a battle without a sword to your name should your branch break.

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However, durability isn’t as detrimental in Tears of the Kingdom and there are a few ways you can work around it due to the new abilities introduced to the game. With the new fuse ability showcased in a short gameplay demonstration, you can combine weapons to create a more robust product rather than just relying on a single weapon. Fusing two weapons together will increase durability, as does fusing weapons with natural objects like rocks.

Not only will this mechanic help make your weapons last longer, but it’s also a valuable way to help your weapons hit harder if you’re caught at a loose end and need to take down an enemy with few weapons to hand. So while your weapons will still break eventually, at least there are ways you can prolong the damage.