Does Sun Haven Have Local Multiplayer?

Gather your friends for this one.

If you’re looking for something new that scratches the itch that Stardew Valley has created, Sun Haven may be the next best thing. Rather than spending all of your time in the caves, hunting for slimes with a trusty sword, you can utilize magic to its fullest extent, become any type of character you would like to be, and so much more. There is also the trusty addition of multiplayer, so you can enjoy this journey with a friend or two, as you bring your new farm to life. But, does everyone need to bring a copy of this party, or can you play together in the same place?

Can You Play Sun Haven Locally?

Every game can have local multiplayer if you’re all on different hardware in the same household, but if you’re looking to play this game on the same console as your best friend, you’ll need to look elsewhere. Seeing as Sun Haven is in Early Access, there are still some features that need to be added in, like better controller support and local multiplayer.

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At this point in development, it looks like the team at Pixel Sprout Studios is looking to make Sun Haven as polished as possible, so it seems that if Local Multiplayer will be added, it’s going to be at a later date. It’s unfortunate since games like Stardew Valley do have the ability to play on the same console, but it did take them a while to add that feature. We’ll just need to let the wizards and witches at this studio keep on cooking until they can make sure it runs as great as possible.

With a Switch release in the future, alongside a full roadmap of other changes being put into the game, it’s hard to say if or when the addition of Local Multiplayer would happen. If we had to guess, however, it would be after the game has fully left the Early Access stage of development, since other pieces of the puzzle need to come together first. However, the online multiplayer feels and functions great, so we have hope that local multiplayer would be even better.

No matter if you were looking to play with your friends or your significant other, Sun Haven has plenty to offer gamers that are willing to double dip. My wife and I each have a copy, so one of us plays on PC and the other uses the Steam Deck to make sure that we can keep our adventures going. It’s a great new addition to the cozy farm game genre, and its continued development shows a great deal of promise. Fingers crossed we can play with our friends on the couch sooner than later.

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