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Does Strange Brigade Have Split-Screen Co-Op?

by Josh Hawkins

Strange Brigade is a lot of fun, and the game really shines when you put together a team and start diving into things with your friends. We’ve already shown you how to play with your friends online, but many players are wondering if you can play Strange Brigade in split-screen co-op? We’ve got the answers, so let’s dive in.

Does Strange Brigade Have Split-Screen?

Many players are diving into Rebellion’s adventure shooter and are really enjoying themselves, and while the game offers a four-player online cooperative system, many are also wondering if they can play the game in split-screen mode, with three of their friends. Unfortunately, there isn’t any kind of split-screen support available right now.

While we do agree that split-screen would be nice in a game like Strange Brigade, it really isn’t much of a surprise. The game itself is pretty intensive, full of beautiful visuals, tons of enemies, and more. Rendering all of this on one machine could prove to be a bit intensive for the console. Of course, split-screen also hasn’t been completely ridden out, though it would be surprising for us to see it hit so late into the game’s release.

Still, though, there’s plenty of ways to enjoy Strange Brigade with your friends. They’ll just need to pick up their own copy of the game. If you’re having trouble getting started playing multiplayer, then make sure to check out our guide on how to play multiplayer in Strange Brigade. It will show you all the basics you need to know and help you dive in without any big issues.

You can also head back over to our Strange Brigade guide, where you’ll find even more content and strategy guides to assist you on your journey to stop the evil that’s been unleashed. You can also check out our guides on all Golden Cat locations, which will show you how to find all the Golden Cats throughout the main campaign.


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