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Can you find a Space Horse in Starfield?

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Making your way around the world of Starfield can be engrossing and engaging, but sometimes, you may wish that you could move just a little bit faster. With the introduction of the new O2 system, you’ll only be able to sprint for a fair bit of time before you start literally dying, so keeping your oxygen levels high is important. Some of these planets are rather large, putting you a fair distance away from your target, so having a mount, a rover, or something could be beneficial. But are they available in this interstellar adventure?

Can You Get a Mount in Starfield?

Unfortunately, as of the time of this writing, there are no mounts at all. No creatures that you can ride, no creatable little robots that you can use to make your way around the planets, nothing of the sort. It can make traveling across some of the larger planets a bit of a slog, especially if you’re not scanning things in your environment. It seems that Bethesda Softworks wants players to take their time and see what the worlds around them have to offer rather than just bolting to their destination.

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However, if you’re extremely eager to get across these lands in style, you need to do everything in your power to unlock the Boost Pack as quickly as possible. While it will allow you to ascend to the heavens with ease, it’s also great for navigating low-gravity environments with ease and speed. It’s not a true mount, but it gets the job done well enough until mounts (hopefully) become available in the future.

Starfield is an ambitious project and hits the nail on the head, as you can see from our review. Playing out as an immersive sim rather than a typical RPG, you’ll find that a lot of new features and ideas that have never been seen in a Bethesda project before are here in this world. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on our Starfield section below to get plenty of help on your adventure.

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