Does Starfield Have Cross-Save? – Answered

Intergalactic save files

Being able to enjoy your game on multiple platforms without losing progress is always a nice treat, and developers have been adding it to most recent games lately. Cross-Save, as it’s known, is always welcome in any game it could possibly fit into, and Starfield is no different from that. But is the new Bethesda title including this extra convenience to its various other features?

Is There Cross Save in Starfield?

Fortunately, Starfield does include Cross-Save in it. Earlier in August, the game’s store page was updated to include the Xbox Play Anywhere label, meaning that you can keep playing from your PC starting from the exact same point you left on your Xbox, or vice versa. 

The only exception is for the Steam version of the game. Since Xbox and Steam use different clients, Cross-Save isn’t a thing between these two, so you’re completely out of luck if you were thinking about getting continuing your galactic exploration on your handheld Steam Deck after having a few hours in on your Series X. 

Starfield Cross-Save Not Available
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While there’s actually a workaround for playing Xbox and Game Pass games on the Deck, it involves a ton of extra work, and you’ll ultimately not be playing the Steam version. So by all means, there’s no Steam – Xbox save file interaction. Cross-Save is still useful anyway since you’ll not always want to play on PC.

Extras like trophies, DLCs, and such are also carried over, so you don’t have to buy them again for a different platform. Just boot up your game and enjoy it as you were on your console just a few moments ago. 

It goes without saying, but since this game is an Xbox (and PC) exclusive title, there’s no interaction for a Playstation or Nintendo Switch version either as those are most likely not coming into existence so soon, if they ever do. Maybe someday waaay ahead in the future.

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